Crossing over Lost Souls in an Empty House, or BRINGING THE LIGHT.

New video today and it’s a good one.

In this one I explore a couple of empty houses to see if I can find spirit energy, and when I do I evasion and pray for the light for them. For over eight years now spirits have continually asked me for the light, to help them and for years I struggled with that. This happens to many who do this work, those who have empathy, who care and take it seriously will always get asked for the light as they are a shining light that these spirit see.

When we do good in life, and are good people who spread love, not hate. Positivity instead of negativity, we shine from within and this shine is our light. The lost spirits, earthbound spirits and even angels and demons can see this in us. When we have this light, spirits who are lost flock to it with hopes that we can help them.

While we are not God, God is within us all. Once you understand and realize this it can open up so many things in life and soon you will realize that things that you thought were important in life are not as important as you thought. An excess of money, possessions, status..not important.

Love is the key, and once again I say this here, in this video. Without love, there would be no beacons of light in this world, just darkness.

As I pray for the lost souls in this video they do and can feel and see the light. It is up to them, and God wether they can and will go. I have been led down tis path and have been shown this for years, but have acted on it slightly and in the past with fear. No more as this year I will be helping more and more, as they have shown me that yes, they do and can be saved, all they need is a shining light to help guide them to the right path. Enjoy, and much love to you all.

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