This Video PROVES Spirits are Talking, my Portal Connect WORKS and good Ghost Apps are REAL.

This Video PROVES Spirits are Talking, my Portal Connect WORKS and good Ghost Apps are REAL.

If you have not seen this yet, you should. Not only is it an excellent video that proves the existence of spirits and that they can speak, it also proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that my Portal Connect, while in direct connect mode, does exactly as I have said it does. This means it is a perfect demo of how the Portal Connect works and I show it in real time. Here I use a new app called DEADTIME which is an Android App available in the Play Store.

When I run the app by itself, we hear gibberish, which is by design. Since spirits use audio to speak… by audio manipulation, they take this audio and manipulate it to speak when we have a connection to them (not everyone will or does, so if an app or device doesn’t work for you then you need to work on and establish a connection to. them). I have explained how spirits speak (4 stage process) many times, so will nor repeat it here but the video below is a perfect example of it. When using this app by itself, someone who is connected may get 10-30% replies when using it on its own and using it correctly (record, review, focus, etc) and that is awesome and above average for an app like this. When using my new Portal Connect in direct connect mode, this turns to just about 100% replies and longer interactions, again, when that connection has been established by the operator (which in this case, is me).

So in this video you will see audio coming from that app that is not speech or words, yet spirts turn it into words and answer my questions instantly when I activate the portal connect. When I do run through the portal connect (as I show here when I turn it on and off in real time) you will see the effect it has on the spirits ability to communicate much easier. Anyone who watches this and denies it, well, you do not want to believe in the afterlife! Plain and Simple. I have news for you though, it’s there and it is real and it is just as I have said it is for years now. It goes very deep, and there are things in the spiritual realms that are angelic, and also dark. There is good, bad. There are lost souls and souls who help other souls. It’s a vast world and believe me when I say our souls are eternal and do live on. Our consciousness is our soul, and our energy and this energy lives outside of the body after death (science has all proven this, and the info is out there for anyone to see) and that energy can connect with living humans to communicate. It’s been done, proven and shown for years now.

Fact: Spirits speak by using audio. They need it to speak and wether it is phonetic sounds, reverse speech, police scanners, you own voice or even animal sounds, spirits can use it to form words back and answer us using our energy, their energy and energy from other sources as well as that connection some of us establish with them. This video proves this again and again. It’s amazing, and one of my best examples of spirit communication and showing how they speak.

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