A Telephone to the Dead is just about here. HOW they use it.

A Telephone to the Dead is just about here. HOW they use it!

Hello once again everyone! Todays video is a tour de force of spirit communication using the Portal Connect and DR60 recorder. This is a GREAT video my friends, and as I approach nearly 800 videos made and uploaded on my YouTube channel things are improving year after year.

I have to say that my newest Portal Connect is the most responsive device I have ever made. It has more response than my original, one and only, GOLD BOX. What I mean is what comes through is 100% spirit messaging.

One thing we have learned over the years is spirits do not speak like we do. They do not talk like we do. Why is that? Well, according to them it is because they are energy. Think as if your consciousness was outside of your body without a physical self. Just the energy of what you once were. Spirits also can not speak directly. To do so they need either a person to channel into (which would be a medium) or a person and a device that has been created to help them come through.

When someone uses a ghost box, EVP recorder or any device that allows us to hear the dead, those spirits coming through are using the person and the device both. They need US and use our body and brain to be able to come through devices. This is why when someone who speaks German uses a box, they get German replies. Or like me, speaking English, I will get English replies.

My newest video using the Portal Connect. The night session at the end is amazing!


Spirits do not use language on the other side. They have no barriers of language. They will speak whatever language the operator who channels them specs because they in part, use the mind and brain of that “operator”.

In order for all of this to work as you see me do requires four things:

  1. The Operator has to be connected to the spirits or establish one. Anyone can achieve this. But this is #1 as they use us first and foremost.
  2. There has to be a device that allows them to speak and be heard, one that helps them (Ghost Box, App, Etc)
  3. If using a device like a Portal, there has to be a RAW AUDIO source for them to use. Some apps do this perfectly, some do not but a good app will work MUCH better than ANY radio. Then again, we do not even need apps or radios when connected. Spirits manipulate audio to speak, using energy. I have used police scanners, my own voice, etc.
  4. Session must be recorded and reviewed to hear all messages. if you skip this, you will miss 60-80% of messaging as sometimes spirits manipulate the recording and not live.

This is just how it is and it has taken me 7 years to learn that this is how they speak, without question. It has been tested and proven again and again. This is what most need to understand, and why I always say if you fear this NEVER attempt this research, ever. Spirts WILL attach and use us to speak. The one thing that is important to remember is that FEAR is our worst enemy and can do much more damage to us than any spirit can. Fear is our worst enemy in life and I have been saying this for years. So before you go buy or download an app to talk with the dead ask yourself what you would do or feel like if you get an evil message (which does happen). If it involves being scared, do not even download the app. Without establishing a solid connection to trusted spirits, and having protection in place it can be stressful for many. This is not a joke, a game or meant to be done for fun.

The Connection

In any case, for years I have been working on my connection, and my devices to improve communication. In 2019 I am going full time with this so I hope for even more improvements and even travel for a new video docu series. In todays video I use the DR60 and the Portal Connect and the sessions with the portal are amazing, as they are showing pure direct contact with the dead.

Much more to come my friends. If you are not yet subscribed to my YouTube, you can do so here and never miss a video. Also, my Patreon page is rocking it with tons of extras so feel free to check that out as well HERE.