Buy a Huff Paranormal 2019 Portal Connect.



Be aware I am the only one in the WORLD who makes my devices. The REAL ones. I invented them and discovered the tech that helps spirits to connect and speak. (Portal ,Wonder Box, SoulSpeaker series of ITC Devices)


While my now retired SoulSpeaker and Wonder Box Gold cost upwards of $4000.00 when they were offered for sale (Due to the 24K Gold and other features I later took out to save money), I know many are looking for a QUALITY and well made *REAL* Huff Paranormal ITC Device that costs less than this. So here I offer the Portal Connect which sounds amazing and helps the spirits to speak. 

Each 2019 Portal Connect will look slightly different. Each will be unique for the new owner, so it may not exactly look like the image above but each will be made of the same high quality parts. Each will be made with positive energy and love for the new owner.

These will be made in one of two options.

BLACKOUT with all black parts and a BLUE light inside and Red Glowing Crystal, or DARK BRONZE AND RED with the same Red glowing Crystal and RED lighting.

The Portal Connect will feature a high powered portable amp, high quality speaker, 8-12 hour battery (rechargeable/with included charger) integrated with the box, noise reduction for ghost radio use, Orgonite,  my exclusive direct line reverse mode for un-debunkable evidence and and all BRAND new premium “dual triple mode reverb” for maximum communication. This will be dialed in and locked in and you can flip a switch for mode one, or two. Also features a large quartz crystal, all metal custom handle, red or blue LED lighting (may differ from image above), pro level audio analyzer inside the grille, real copper accents, human energy transfer antenna made of pure copper and will be signed by me on the back. It will have custom paint and a clear coat applied in oil rubbed bronze and red or if you prefer ALL black with a BLACKOUT theme and blue lighting that will be behind the custom metal grille. This This is fully custom and made by the guy who discovered this technology and created these devices for ITC. (Instrumental Trans Communication). Each one will be unique, no two are ever alike and I am offering ONLY FIVE of these to the public.

See the Portal Connect in Action Below with MODE 2 activated. For me, using Mode 2 with the SCD-2 brings in 100% spirit contact (and NO radio) and while in real time it is harder to hear, when you review the evidence you may have some amazing messages as I did here. I hear NO radio while in this mode as the frequencies are dialed in for the spirits to use and it is working amazingly well for me. 

I will supply anyone who buys a box from me with video instructions on how to use the device and how to get the most from it. I will demo YOUR box when it is complete in a private video to show you it works. Use the PayPal button below to place your order via PayPal.  

Five available for order now as of 11/9/18. Delivery 3-4 weeks after payment is received. Just in time for Christmas. 

You must agree to the following before placing the order, and by placing an order you state that you do agree 100% to and understand the statements below:

    1. There are no guarantees of spirit communication using this device. It requires me to use it correctly and have an open mind to the spiritual realm. (If you have done this work before, you should have no problem connecting. If you have not done this work before, it may take a while before you establish a connection or it may be instant as it was for me many years ago). Spirit communication can never be guaranteed as we do not control the spirits.
    1. You must have no fear of this work, and will use this device with respect, care and empathy towards the spirits.
    1. I have experience with ITC and spirit research. (Team, TV Show, Researcher, ITC Hobbyist, have used radios, other devices with success and know how to use them correctly)
    1. I understand that Steve Huff takes no responsibility if evil spirits creep in and/or come through the box. I understand I will be using this device at my own risk. (If you seek evil, you will find it. If you seek love and kindness from spirits, you will find it but we usually encounter both on this spiritually journey)
    1. I understand the Portal comes with a six month warranty against defects. If I drop it or do something to damage it, I will be responsible for the costs of repair. If it fails naturally, Steve will repair at no cost to me.
    1. There will be a 3-4 week wait after I order before the box is shipped to me but there is a 100% guarantee it will arrive before Christmas 2018.
  1. There are no refunds of any kind once I send the money for the order as this is a custom made to order spirit box. (I order parts for your box immediately after you order one, and use your funds to order the parts).

Thank You All. To those who order I will email you within 24 hours to ask what color you want (Bronze and Red or Black and Blue) This will also be the color of the lighting. Once you pay, all parts are ordered and therefore no refunds.