A HUGE BREAKTHROUGH! Amazing Communication without an APP or RADIO

A HUGE BREAKTHROUGH! Amazing Communication without an APP or RADIO.

Well here we are again. November 2018 and another advancement within the filed of I.T.C. My latest device, the Portal Connect is different from other boxes I have made or built. Not huge, but something that changes the game, again. Not hype, but realty.

This new box has been delivering some of the most direct back and forth communication I have ever achieved. When I say direct, I mean DIRECT answers to my questions. I mean MORE answers to my questions. Even different voices and inflections to the tone of the spirit voice.

This box works AMAZING with the SCD-2, which has been my go to app for 95% of what I do when using a portal or wonder box or soul speaker. This box has a special mode that tales the communication up to 90-100% response, which means almost NO radio comes through when using apps or even radio. This box is giving spirts not only energy they need but frequencies they need to come through and speak, one on one and direct.

BUT it gets better. I have found that by just using my voice, asking questions I do not need an app, or radio or anything like that connected. What you are about to se is amazing, and I am just scratching the surface here. Enjoy…