Must See. My Most Important Communication. Ever.

So in case you missed this segment from my last video, I wanted to share this again, and talk about it because it is so important. I remember when I started digging into this research. Things were so different then. 

Today ITC has progressed so far from where it was and while it is not every day that I record a profound or incredible communication session, sometimes I do and the other day I recorded what I feel is my most important evidence ever. 

First and foremost. YES THIS IS REAL. I have to say that because even when I say it in every video, I still get the question “Is this real”? I have over 700 videos recorded over several years available to anyone who wants to watch them. One can see the progress over the years, the ups, the downs, the dark side of this and the light side of this. 

In this video I show you this amazing interaction between higher vibrational spirits and angels and myself. They validate what I see and say, and give an amazing message that validated so much for me, right when I needed it. 

Clear, loud, powerful.