Patreon Group Night THIS Friday! Reaching Loved ones on the Other Side.

Patreon Group Night THIS Friday! I’m Excited for this one!

In 48 hours I will sit down in my session room once again for a group session. Just what is a group session? This is something I started years ago, and was the first in the world to do. It is where those who are seeking a validation or message from a lost love one meditates (I give instructions on how to do this for my Patrons at my Patreon page) before my session in hopes to hear from their loved one. Hear them physically through my SoulSpeaker or Wonder Box. Through a Recorder or through me.

For years I have brought forth many validations for those who have taken part and since focusing in on it much more on my Patreon page, these sessions have become incredible yielding validation after validation.

I have recorded messages, clear messages and validations for so many who have taken part. Things I have no idea about, things I could not have any idea about. Some who take part are all over the world as ANYONE, ANYWHERE can take part. It’s incredible, beautiful and wonderful. Messages of love, messages with end of life memories, names and more come through my devices.

A few clips from last months session. Each full session is 50-60 minutes and posted only to Patreon

The last few months, even more incredibly, I have expanded my connection with the other side and now “see” names, situations and spirits who come in for these messages. When I do, I state what they are showing me and 90% of these messages have been validated by my patrons which blows my mind. So with these group sessions we have audible validations through the soul speaker, imagery via water ITC and messages that come in through me as well.

This was never published publicly. Just a teeny portion of a group session from Patreon and yes, what I was saying here was validated by a patreon member. This is just 5 minutes of the full hour long video. 

This Friday night is the next group session. I posted the mediation information today over at Patreon. I get thousands of requests in a month to reach loved ones on my YouTube and via email. This is the ONLY way I do this, and I only do it once per month, at Patreon exclusively. Anyone can join, and the price to join for the month and take part is $5. For that $5 you also get exclusive video clips, the ability to interact with all others there in comments and via community posts, and everyone there is full of love, peace and truly understand that LOVE IS THE KEY : )

One of my faves from a group session a few months ago on Patreon. IMAGE validation along with audible. 

It’s a wonderful place and I am so happy I started that page as so many there, including me, all get so much from it every month.

If you ever want to take part in a group session, or in one of my bi weekly live streams, check out my Patreon Page HERE.