MICHAEL JACKSON: Follow Up Session. IN his OWN voice. Mentions Oprah.

Since my session from a few days ago was a tad short, and many of you asked me to try for more with Michael Jackson, I knew I would be doing another session here soon. I did not realize it would be so quick. BUT when I was doing my last video, which was a chat about God, The Devil, Religion and all of that stuff that comes along with doing ITC work, I felt his presence. 

As I mentioned I would be doing another session for Michael, I felt a HUGE electric surge as I mentioned his name. I then pulled out the DR60 and asked if I should do a follow up and the answers was a loud YES! You can see that video HERE.

After that I went ahead and recorded another session for Michael using the same direct line reverse mode technique that allows me to give spirit their own voice back. To use their old voice to speak from beyond the grave. It works, and works WELL. 

This time it was another short session. But it is also a great session. Take a look below, as I am proud of this one. Things are just getting better and better and the deeper I go, the more LOVE and LIGHT I feel. It’s time to take the SCARE and FEAR out of the paranormal. There is nothing but love here, and when done correctly, magical things that we used to assume would be impossible can become possible. Thank you all and remember, LOVE IS THE KEY!