Interview with a Spirit using Three Recorders. Heaven mentioned again and again.

Interview with a Spirit using Three Recorders. Non Stop Communication.

New video guys. This time I use three recorders to ask questions of a spirit or spirits in my home. Was around midnight, close to it and I was up until 4 AM reviewing it. The DR60, both of them used here, were amazing. I also used a QR100. The video is below and is loaded with answers from spirit and Heaven is mentioned over and over again.

There is a reason why the DR60 is selling for $2000 and up on ebay (for a used 1990’s digital recorder). It is a true pocketable “telephone to the dead”. Not perfect by any stretch but nothing in this size offers a true back and forth in real time. Even if half are not understandable (and there are reasons for this), those times when you get a clear answer is well, undeniable.

Watch the interactions in the video below…