Contacting your loved ones. Group Session Highlights.

Three nights ago I recorded the August group session for my Patreon group. Patreon is a page I run where anyone can join and every month we connect with loved ones from the other side. The beauty of it is, I use devices and I also allow the spirits to speak through me. The group, all of those who want to take part, mediate on the day of my session. I post videos there on how to do this to make it easier for those who do not know where to start.

Lately, we have been getting some amazing validations and the devices have been working very well. 

My Patreon page is place of love, peace and we are all there with the same likes and goals. It has already helped me grow more and I hope that some there feel the same (as in, they are spiritually growing some as well). 

We are showing that we never truly die, our soul, our energy always lives on and can come back and communicate. It’s what I have been doing for the last eight years and will continue for the rest of my life. 

See the short seven minute video below, which is just a portion from the August group session which came in at almost an hour. If you want to read more about how my Patreon works, you can do so HERE.