A Lost Soul Prays with Me

In this video I encounter a lost soul, as I have many many times over the years. If you have watched my work for these past few years, you will have seen videos where spirits ask me for “Help” and the “Light”. They call the light HEAVEN. 

Just as with many near death experiences where those who clinically die see the tunnel of light, spirits can also see and enter the light. But not all are presented with it at death.

Evil people here on earth, such as those who commit viscous crimes, hurt, rape, kill or abuse others or innocent living things will have a price to pay at death. Spirits have validated Heaven, Hell and other areas of the afterlife to me in messages over the years. BAD people can be redeemed but for some there is a punishment fo sorts..a hell..a loneliness they must endure in the afterlife. 

This is not my opinion, but based on evidence I have captured over the last eight years. Many times spirits ask me to help guide them to Heaven. Now, I can not send them there as God is the only one who can. But I can and do pray for lost souls, and always tell them it is up to them to get right with God. 

So in this video I sensed a spirit, and one who wanted help. I offered to pray for him and he accepted. You can hear his messaging throughout this video, and what his response to the prayer was. 

As I have said before, the spirit realm is vast and deep. There are angels, demons, lost souls and those who have crossed to heaven. Through our own self, our own vibration, we can connect to various spirits and areas of the afterlife. I do this without fear (as it is the only way one can do this really) and with the respect and care to all I meet on the other side. Over eight years now and it never gets boring. 

More to come…