A Chat about Love, The Dead, God and The Devil

A new video I posted the other day at my Youtube channel (if you are not subscribed yet, and would like to..check it out HERE and you will never miss my new videos that I post 2X per week) is a chat, a talk, and even Michael Jackson popped in.

But basically, this video was about religious folk who send harassing emails claiming they are people of GOD, yet they spread fear and say things that they THINK are true, but not. 

I suggest READING THIS POST if you think for even a nano second that all I speak with are demons or the devil. Then watch the video below. To those who think that, you are about as wrong as wrong can be.

Evil can not create love, and love is what I spread, every day. 

Video is below, and a SECOND full Michael Jackson session will be up within a few hours ; ) Again, at my YouTube HERE.