The best Ghost Box for Beginners and a Demo using it!

The best Ghost Box for Beginners and a Demo using it!

By Steve Huff

First off, THIS IS THE BEST GHOST BOX KIT for beginners. Period.

The P-SB7 has been around for a long time and is how I started with spirit box radios. Before that I experimented for a year and half with digital recorders for EVP and since 9 used a Ouija Board (no, I do not believe they are evil at all..never one issue in my 41 years of use). I get e-mails every day asking me “how do I start with talking to spirits”..

The easiest way is with the P-SB7. Sure, a handful of apps are good too but they are IMO, for more experienced users as they have to be used RIGHT for best results. It takes work, time and dedication. But the P-SB7, as noisy as it is, as cheaply made as it is, well, it works. I also think it is far superior to the more pricey P-SB11 which I feel is the worst ghost box ever made. Just my opinion.

The kit that is being offered on Amazon lately with the Orbital speaker is FANTASTIC. This speaker is amazing and uses a large magnet so it has some weight to it. Big sound, and works perfect with the PSB7.

It also appears the P-SB7 is now on version 4, which is a good thing as they tweaked it for more response and less wait times for those responses. I was hoping they would do that one day as spirits need audio to speak. They speak by manipulating audio when they are present but the most important aspect for spirit communication is YOU, ME, US. Once we connect, then the gear does its job to let the spirits speak.

Watch the video below and it explains it all, and how to use the P-SB7 for best results. (record, review, etc) This is my recommended setup for beginners without question.