Finding The Light. A Docu-Film with Huff and Hope Paranormal.

Finding The Light. A Docu-Film with Huff and Hope Paranormal.

A few years ago, I believe around 3 years ago now, Debby and I flew out to Florida to meet up with Josh Louis and Nikki from HOPE Paranormal to film “Finding the Light”, a project we wanted to really do and put out there in a big way. Unfortunately, our crowdfunding failed at the time and we raised around $4000 of our $40,000 goal.

So our big plans were shot for the film as we did not have the money to do what we wanted to do.

So we took that $4000 and spent it on airfare, hotels and travel to head to Key West FL where we rented a boat, and filmed on a reportedly haunted island. We also shot at other locations that were costly so we spent more than our $4000 funding budget and created what we could at the time, with what we had. We had a film crew for 3/4 of the film but could not afford to have them do it all, or even edit it.

We noticed some out there said we did crowdfunding for this and never did the film. Well, yes we did. It’s been out for over 2 years on YouTube, where we released it as soon as it was completed. Josh ended up editing it himself, and for the budget we had, and the early equipment we had, I think it turned out very well and the ending, which was shot by us, summed it all up and showed back then that yes, we can help lost souls, spirits on the other side.

Today our connection has grown much deeper, our results more profound and clearer so all that means is that one day we will create something much bigger and better than Finding the Light.

I wanted to reshare this as some may have missed this early project Josh and I worked on. It has been one of many projects to date we have worked on, and more will be on the way.

Thanks to all, and have a wonderful day.

Video Below. I just went to grab the code to share this and saw it has had 109k views! So many of you did see this!