Proving Life After Death, without Question, with my SoulSpeaker and Wonder Box.


Proving Life After Death, Without Question, with my SoulSpeaker and Wonder Box.

By Steve Huff

Wow, the years have flown by. Eight years since I started to actively pursue spirit research, and boy did I dive I head first and rarely have I come up for air. I would say over eight years which is 2,920 days, I have worked on, or performed spirit research for 2800 of those days. Thousands of sessions and messages, and various devices I have created and invented to help us reach into the spiritual realms.

Over these eight years, not only has the communication gotten better, so has my connection with the spirits with whom I built up a relationship with. Yes, one does need to build a solid relationship with some on the other side. Gaining trust, friendship and yes, even love. For those who say it is all demons, well, I am sorry to tell you that you are 100% WRONG and have been misled. Read this for details on why this is so.

Over these years I have worked with many spirits in order to help them, and help the living. Also, to gain some answers and insight to that life long mystery of what happens when we die, and where we go (They have given me the answers over 600 video sessions I have posted publicly on my Youtube channel HERE). It has been amazing, miraculous, and has improved my life to heights I never thought it could soar to, and I am not talking finances or attention. I am talking about truly learning the meaning of inner love, inner peace and that GOD is within each and every one of us. I am at full peace in life, and happier than I have ever been.

Announcing my new SoulSpeaker…

First and foremost, over these years, I have proven life after death, time and again, time after time, by conversing with those on the other side, directly and some with conversational type replies. Just see my best of 2017 videos for amazing proof of communication, HERE, HERE and HERE

But it doesn’t end there as it has. gotten even better in 2018 with my latest devices, and my new SoulSpeaker and previous Wonder Box Gold. When the operator has a connection, there is nothing like it in the world for true, real spirit communication.

One of my favorite videos with so many validations and so much evidence, was shot while I had an event at the Bellaire House recently, and take a look at the video below that shows absolute undeniable proof  of life after death. If a skeptic watches this (and many have) they either say nothing, or try to claim it was faked, as that is all they have (even though we had 20+ people, strangers, with us for much of it). They simply cannot explain it away any longer, as it impossible to explain away what is real, what can be heard and felt. Also, my work should be taken as a whole, over all of these years of publicly available videos, as it completes it and shows the progress that has been obtained over the years to get to this point.

See this video below:

But it is still not perfect, and we have a long way to go to truly create that long talked of “Telephone to the Dead”. I am not sure we will ever create it as spirits do not speak like we do. They are pure energy and use us, along with the devices to speak. They have no physical body, no mouth, brain, heart or any limitations that we have while alive. Just pure light energy. So we have to understand that they can not speak like we do, and we have to give them the tools (including our own body and mind) to speak. I have learned so much from this research, and some of what I have learned would scare the &^%$ out of many who do this casually, as spirits do go into our bodies when they speak. So to those who do this, be very careful with this and create boundaries for the spirits as some do have an evil intent. Some are good, some are full of love and some are indeed negative. I no longer allow any negative in, and have learned to stop them 98% of the time. But it has taken me years to do so.

I am proud of myself for my dedication, persistence and not ever giving up on this goal and passion of mine. I can’t wait to see where it all leads…

Love to all, and remember, LOVE is the KEY. THANK ALL OF YOU SO SO SO MUCH. Without you guys. I would not be here day after day pursuing this research.