A new $10 App that can truly connect with the dead? I give it a test. NECROPHONIC!

A new $10 App that can truly connect with the dead? I give it a test. NECROPHONIC!

My good friend Keith Weldon of the Chillseekers (Keith, Carissa, Rahkee) released a new app for iOS and Android this week called Necrophonic. What is awesome is that it uses phonemes in the sound bank, so no full words or phrases which means no false positives. So I downloaded it to my Apple iPhone X and used a bluetooth speaker to run it, just as anyone would. No Wonder Box or SoulSpeaker here. I tested it, and was very impressed with it and at $10 it is a no brainer IMO. You can purchase this app for iOS on the App Store HERE. Or on Android at the Play Store here. Again, for $10 it is a must have for anyone wanting a real app, proven to work well. Which I show below in the video. Remember, Keith says NO WORDS are in the bank, just sounds. This proves my “manipulation of audio theory” I have had for years, once again, as spirits are giving me answers via words, loud and clear!

I will say, as I have to be 100% honest here…the DR60 noise bank is not very good. That is not how the DR60 works, as it uses INTERNAL noise that is much quieter and not standard scratchy white noise which will yield awful sounding EVP. But it is cool he thought outside of the box and included it, as we have to try any and all things in this amazing field of research. Enjoy app, my friends, and love to all!

Video is below! See all of my videos on my YouTube HERE! 2-3 new videos every week!