Testing the KASINA MIND MACHINE for deeper meditation and connection. My Results.

Testing the KASINA MIND MACHINE for deeper meditation and connection. My Results. 

Something different this time around, and this is not a wonder box session video but rather I am testing a device called a “Mind Machine” which is said to help with many things in life when used consistently. These have been around forever but it has been just lately that I have been introduced to them. Some use them for brain focus, energy, and to relax. Some who use these say they help deepen meditation, and even can bring on lucid dreaming and even put you in the right mindset for Astral Travel. Sounds like scary stuff to some, but to me, I jumped right in to see if these were all hype or useful for what I do.

They Kasina is a $349 device that comes with a unit that looks like an old school version 1 iPod from back in the day. They also come with a set of glasses meant for closed eye use, and some earphones to complete the package. What you do is put in the earphones, and the glasses and then you pick one of 50 “sessions:” programmed into the machine. They have them for relaxation, for focus and energy, for entertainment and freaky visuals and the the deep meditation and trance sessions (of which I have been experimenting with). See my video below with a detailed look at this device, as well as a full session as I talk about what I experienced.

My video overview…and a session with them, along with my experience. 


Ugg. The first two times I did a session with the Kasina I had a headache for a whole day after. I was then all set to return them to Amazon and then realized I had the brightness too high on the glasses. After trying them for more sessions, at lower brightness the headaches stopped. I also bought a pair of the deep vision googles, to be used open or closed eye which expanded the experience further. When you are in a session, the 1st few minutes your mind races (mine does) as you explore the many visual patterns you may or may not see. After a few minutes in, you start to calm, and for me, by session 4-6, at around 15 minutes in I either dozed off, or went into some sort of lucid dream state where my quick dreams were so real, so vivid and colorful. I would go in and out, having short dreams that seemed like 1-2 minutes long. At one point it appeared as if I was flying through space without a body. I saw my father has he handed me a wrapped gift in a big box. It was surreal and a very vivid dream like state taking place in real time, in my backyard.

Was I dreaming, and because my intent was to have a lucid dreams or “experience”, I did and the glasses and session helped me to achieve this? Maybe. Did I just fall asleep while using it and happened to have a vivid dream? Maybe. I do know that each time I use it, the experience and even visuals are slightly different. Sometimes I see hexagonal patterns, other times squiggly lines, and other times I see eyes, or even faces for brief moments within the light noise. All while the visuals are happening you hear music which is encoded and made to match with the lights to “program our brain” so to speak. Using different frequencies to achieve different “altered states” of consciousness. Now, my experience is probably unique due to my open mind and third eye being open from my years of spirit work. So keep that in mind.


As I mentioned, Mind Machines have been around a long time and I know of a guy who has used them daily since the 1990s. His vision is fine, and he is as well. Also, these come in at $349 for the set and if you want the deep vision goggle, add another $50 as the full kit is $399. There are pro Mind Machines that are used in some spas and those go for around $5-$6000. So at $399, these are expensive but not even close to the more powerful machines out there.

I went from hating these to enjoying the experience. I went from testing them daily to realizing I will only need to use them once or twice per week for my desired effects. THEY DO 100% help with meditation. If your mind wanders when you try to meditate, these will help. If you want a deeper meditation, these can help. If you want exciting visual entertainment these will be pretty amazing. If you want to achieve lucid dreams or even astral travel, these MAY help, but would need continued use as well as an open mind by YOU.

I bought these from Amazon using Prime delivery. I am keeping them and have them at my besides in the lovely case the DeepVision Ganzefeld glasses came in. I suggest the full kit at $399 as the DeepVision goggles expand the experience once you set the brightness to your desired level. Be aware though that these may not be for everyone. If you are sensitive to light and sound, have seizures from light or sound, or are not into mediation, these are NOT for you. If. you want to try to improve your mind with focus, energy, relaxation or deeper mediation and beyond, check them out. There is quite a bit online about this technology and many share their experiences.

Check them out at Amazon HERE. 

The DeepVision Goggles are HERE..