Spirits Say they use GOD to Speak. AMAZING Communication, that all of us should watch.

Spirits Say they use GOD to Speak. AMAZING Communication, that all of us should watch.

Eight years on now, and I have completed part one of my goal for ITC work. Part 1 was to make communication better, clearer and easier to understand over what we used to have (noise, fast scan radio, bad quality boxes and speakers, muffled sound, etc) within this field of research. Sure we can still use those old radios and devices, as they will work for short, quick snippets of communication but I wanted to take it father than anyone ever has, and I did. Today I have the SoulSpeaker, my latest box device to help connect with the other side, and allow spirit to not only have a voice, but a clear voice that also supplies them with the tools and energy to speak clearer, longer and more direct.

Here I put the SoulSpeaker, two of them, to the test. Not only did I achieve clear communication, but connected with an older spirit who stuck around for a while to chat, and even said BYE when he had to go. Clear, direct, relevant communication. It is NOT all the box, so do not feel you need to rush out and buy one, as I would not recommend it to anyone other than those with true experience within this spirit communication field of research. You must have a connection to use these devices, and they are not toys, or games, or anything to be taken lightly. I have worked on my connection, almost daily, for eight years now. That comes from dedication, living life in a positive way, meditation, focus, being kind and respectful to the spirits and others in life, and helping others when I can. In other words, being a good person, as the spirits can tell who is and who is not.

So with the new box, and a solid connection I have achieved simply amazing real time spirit interaction and communication.

Remember everyone! LOVE IS THE KEY to this life and the next, as we will have to be faced with our misdeeds here on earth when we pass. Be nice, show love, respect others and live a positive life away from negativity as much as you can. Our souls are eternal, believe that as it is true.

Love to all! Video is below, enjoy.


Incredible Communication. A video everyone should watch.