Intense 1AM session while I am Blind. Digging in for a deeper connection.

Intense 1AM session while I am Blind. Digging in for a deeper connection.

Hello once again everyone! Last night I was up until 4AM as in my last video spirits wanted me to try this, as they showed me from within what to do. Since I could not sleep, I felt like I should go try this and as spirits told me constantly last year “We are training him”, and they have been doing just that while my connection has been getting better and better. It all stems from love, trust, empathy and dedication. Years of it. I have given them my trust, my love and my empathy and I have also shown them that I will not back down, not be stopped and will forge on, in their name. Lately I have spoken of many things…like GOD showing his love to me, holy visions shown to me filling me with love and showing me that I must spread the message of love. Negativity is to be ignored at all costs, and love is the key. LOVE conquers all my friends and negativity keeps us down.

As I said a while ago, EVIL HAS LOST. Evil has no chance when faced with the power of love and light.

Just remember, my advice to this life is to live it with as much happiness, vigor and passion as you can. Be kind. Be respectful. Show empathy to others and help others in need when you can. Even small things add up and the universe will thank you for it. Remember, the afterlife is real, and there are good places and bad we can go to. KNOW THIS, it is TRUE, andĀ I have SEEN it andĀ recorded years of evidence about it. We control our own destiny, no one else does or can. What we envision with laser focus, we can accomplish. So remember to LOVE!! Spread love, spread kindness. It’s how we can make this world so much better.


As for this video, I wanted to block off my sight and hearing while running the box. I wanted to dig in and “SEE” who was with me. This is part 1, part 2 will be uploaded soon and then a part 3 which will feature something VERY cool, and should be the best of all. So be sure and subscribe to my YouTube channel and join me as my spirit research travels to new heights.