My Most Amazing and Beautiful Capture Ever. Heaven is Real. Visual and Audible.

My Most Amazing and Beautiful Capture Ever. Heaven is Real. Visual and Audible.

This is amazing. A must see short clip.

Must see this segment from the Group Night Session. It is INCREDIBLE. 

Recorded my Group Session night on my Patreon last night, which we do mostly to try and contact loved ones for members there. I decided to add water ITC to try and capture faces for even better evidence. Well, it worked. Not only did I get a visual that matches a photo of a loved one (from a Patreon member who meditated on her Father Bob), I received audible validation as well telling me it was BOB…twice.

When I saw the photo I posted it to Patreon for members there to check it out and see if it was a familiar face. Immediately one woman said it appeared to be her Father. Then she said his name was BOB. When I reviewed the session recording, they were telling me it was BOB as I took the photo. UNDENIABLE. In the photo we see the white hair, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, beard… it’s miraculous.

Bob visits to validate for his daughter who meditated on him to come through my session. 

The full session video with more photos and validations is now at my Patreon where we do this every month. The videos for this night are only shown on Patreon as it is those there who participate. You can see more at my Patreon page HERE if you want info.

My work and research is improving at a rapid rate. I AM being guided from within stronger than ever and being shown LOVE is the KEY. LOVE, RESPECT, KINDNESS. That is the only way to live my friends. Do not let hate, anger, hurting others or greed rule your life. I have seen where this can lead us in the afterlife, and it is not good. The world needs LOVE, and we need to respect our neighbors and fellow man. Love to all. I am now taking a two week break from sessions for a recharge but will be back soon.