My CLEAREST Spirit Communication EVER and The “D” Word

My CLEAREST Spirit Communication EVER and “The D Word”

Hey guys! It’s SATURDAY and what an awesome day it is! I woke up feeling amazing love, warmth and just overall GREAT. Lately though, this has been the trend and something has been happening within me that is hard to explain in words. But it all comes down to LOVE and spreading the message of LOVE. My guides who are guiding me now are wanting me to continually push a message of LOVE, KINDNESS, RESPECT. I am even seeing this with a slight change in my appearance which is more lively, energetic and some have even said that in my last 2-3 videos there is a glow about me. Well, I FEEL IT, so I am glad that some of you are seeing it.

In any case, I was tinkering with a Wonder Box Gold that I am ready to ship out to the new owner (he got the last one for 2018) and something inside told me to try something different with it, so I did.

What happened as a result was that the communication and messaging was clearer than ever, and even a little more direct. I was blown away as in reality this is a huge advancement for ITC. NEVER have I seen 100% legit communications at this level of clarity, response and information. Ever. In life. And I just stumbled onto it by going with my gut. That is not bragging, it is truth and fact. My latest Wonder Box Gold was created with the pure intent of LOVE and yes, you better believe spirit was guiding me with it again. Lately they have said they have a new “team” for me, and right after that message my communications have improved on all fronts.

I am getting more talk of God, of Love, of the Light than ever before. 

Watch my last two videos below to see this incredible advancement in communications with the afterlife but I also want to address something that I have been seeing for seven Years now within my work so be sure to read what comes after the videos below, as I feel it is important.



For seven years, and even more so lately I get my inbox flooded from religious folks who tell me I only speak with Demons. One recently told me I would be going to hell and my soul would be ripped apart by demons when I got there. I was told I ONLY SPEAK WITH DEMONS 100% of the time. I get these emails CONSTANTLY.

This of course is 100% untrue and I have proven it. Also, that theory makes ZERO sense when you look at the big picture. Let me explain…

I speak with all spirits. BAD, GOOD and even Angelic and above. When you do this work, you have no choice but to deal with it all. The deeper you go, the scarier it can get. As someone who commented on a YouTube video of mine said “The brighter the light the Darker the Shadow”.

While I believe it is true Demons exist (I have experienced them 1st hand) and something that calls itself the devil does as well (and I felt it, recorded it and have been attacked and hospitalized from these attacks in the past) they are NEVER EVER shy to announce who they are. NEVER! They will tell me they are a demon, or even “Satan” himself. This is rare, and hasn’t happened since last August, but there was some darkness that creeped in from my last Bellaire House visit (I feel Ed is darker but also has some good within him, he seems to want to cross over). So yes, Evil exists in the spiritual realms just as it does here on Earth. But so does GOOD and yes, those good spirits CAN and DO speak. 

Lately I have had an awakening from within, almost like I feel enlightened. I just KNOW things. I feel nothing but LOVE and am told by the spirits these days to push love, positivity, respect and kindness. I feel love all around me. If I only speak with demons, why would I be feeling and pushing only love, respect, kindness and to help others in need when we can? Things Demons can not even feel. Why would I be getting messages about GOD, HEAVEN and LOVE? Why would a demon have me promote all of this, and ask me to help lost souls? Answer is, they wouldn’t. Why would my entire life be led down a path that lead to THIS, all while I have always been looked after, and had immense almost unreal “Luck” in my life? Why would my life be filled with all I could ever need to be happy? 

When I ask those who tell me these awful things about all of this the answer is always the same “They are tricking you” and then I ask, “So they have been tricking me for seven years”? “They have me spread love and talk of heaven, and ask me to help cross them over”? “They have given me a wonderful life from childhood to adulthood”? “They have made me 100% believe in GOD and PRAYER”? “They have made me a calm, sincere, kind spiritual man”? Hmmm. Something is not adding up as that does not sound like the work of demons, more like the work of GOD.

Sorry but we have to use our brains sometimes and admit that yes, the church is and can be wrong. The church was created by man and nope, they do not pay taxes on the fortunes that they gather. To be close to God we do not need church or anything invented by man. We just need to be good people, believe in a higher power and respect it. That is all. So to those who just want to believe what MAN has written and told you in the Bible, be sure to NEVER work on a Sunday, otherwise you will go to hell (according to the bible) and should be stoned to death.

But back to those demons…

The evil ones in the spirit realm hate me for one reason….because I do good, and am genuinely good and push out messages of love. I am showing people evil exists in the afterlife and there is a BAD place we can go after being judged, and telling them to CHANGE. THIS IS GOOD. ALL GOOD. Nothing a Demon would have me do. No, I am guided by my creator and pure love. Period.

Love ALWAYS beats hate, ALWAYS. I have said it from day one. LOVE always wins. LIGHT always wins. PERIOD. This has been shown again and again and again. I can also show proof of this but will not do it here as this article is getting long. 

Even though I know evil exists in the spirit world, my evidence over 8 years does not add up to this being all demons, it just does NOT. If they were and are all demons, and you believe that, then they have a crazy way of showing it and maybe aren’t as bad as they have been made out to be. By promoting love, peace, God, Heaven and respect, these demons are not the norm, lol.

I am here to tell you from everything I have learned, thousands of messages over the years..that 

A: Our soul NEVER dies, we are ETERNAL

B: Living on earth is a learning experience for our soul

C: If we are evil on earth we will be evil in the afterlife, and in a bad bad place. Believe it, it is true. 

D: We will be judged when we die. 

E: The light is pure love, warmth and from “The Source” where all souls reside. (Heaven as we call it)

F: We do come back and can come back to earth either to live again and live a better life than before or to help the living as a guide, All so we can elevate our own soul and move up the ladder. 

G: The Universe is within us all, and we mostly create our own reality. When we connect with the universe, we have unlimited potential while alive. 

H: Yes, EVIL exists in the afterlife as does PURE LOVE and LIGHT.


A Change…

I think some of you have noticed or will notice that I have changed somewhat over the last few months. I have a more inner calm, inner peace and simply live this life to enrich my own soul and my loved ones souls. I am relaxed, and I do not fear death in the slightest as I know what awaits us. I do not stress over much at all as I know from within “All is always going to be ok”. All I care about today is my family, my loved ones, my work, what has been accomplished within this field and the fact that spirits trust me and are helping me on this journey, so I can get THEIR message out. I have accepted this “Gift” for the first time just recently and see it as a blessing and also a little but of a curse. Once you get here, you can’t leave it. The spirits are always with me. Around me.

We can’t ever die, we do not ever die. Our soul, which is pure energy lives on and with purpose. I do not fear demons, or the devil as my creator and some angels do protect me on this journey (though I am still vulnerable), and I do have a team on the other side that helps me these days with communication,  protection and helping me to show the truth, which has already helped so many out there change their lives (I have so many emails like this and it shows that love IS THE key). Changing one life for the better is amazing, but changing hundreds? I am truly blessed.

From this point on you will see me work in a way that is geared towards doing what the spirits have been wanting me to do for all of these years now. They have already told me clearly and loudly several times in recorded published sessions “You have been chosen” – “Huff Guides The Spirits” and “You have the LIGHT”. I sort of used to kind of blow that off, as I did not accept it or believe it. It even scared me for a while. But today I accept it, and I accept all the realities I have not only recorded but also have seen and felt.

So I will continue on this path and journey doing things as they want me to do, and it is all about love, goodness and light.

Finally, for those always asking me why I am not on TV, well you can blame the TV production companies and networks as they want things I can not offer. I ONLY offer reality, and that is not what TV wants these days. They want actors, characters, and would expect me to do things I would never agree to do. After being pitched to over 20 times now, it always ends the same. No, I will never fake or stage for a TV show, ever. Not even once. So it is unlikely you will ever see me on TV. Though I would welcome a serious well done show, even a one time special episode to show the world what is happening. My appearance on Paranormal Lockdown was great as they allowed me to be me, so I would also happily do these kind of things. But when having your own show involves you being controlled by someone else, while you get literally no paycheck (poverty level pay) and could be forced to do things you could never do..well, not interested. So that is the answer to the TV question I get constantly. ; )

I wish I could tell you guys EVERYTHING I have learned but that will have to be in a book at some point as it is lengthy and would take me a long time to write it. ANYWAY, onward and upward my friends. Love to all, and enjoy the two videos here that showcase the new clarity I am achieving within ITC. When I started this work, most were stuck on WHITE NOISE and RADIO and there was a common belief it (NOISE) helped communication. I have said for years and years IT HINDERS communication and I feel I have now proven that (I have). We do not need white noise, we do not need radio. BUT those were required within ITC to get to where we are now. Everything in steps, which means it will just keep getting better and my goal for a true “Telephone to the Dead” by 2020 may just become a reality.

Love you guys! Have a great weekend! My group night session is TOMORROW NIGHT, Sunday April 8th, on my Patreon! If you want to take part, see info HERE.