Intense Session – Audio and Photographic Evidence. Ed Is With Me.

Intense Session – Audio and Photographic Evidence. Ed Is With Me.

So two nights ago I recorded a session with a Wonder Box Gold, and I also did some water ITC for photo evidence as well. I am adding this method of ITC to my group nights on Patreon (Next group night session will be on my Patreon on April 8th) and here the spirits did not disappoint though I admit, it was a little creepy the way the box was sounding and the fact that “ED” was back here with me. Why? This I do not know.

If this is truly Ed from the Bellaire House who has followed me, what is it that he wants from me? Ed used to do exactly what I do while he was alive in the 1800’s. He would try to contact the dead, or more specifically, his sister. He would hold a seance in the Bellaire House, on a regular basis to reach the dead. Now that he has met me (during my visits to the house) he seems to have some sort of connection to me, and maybe, it is due to the fact that I am contacting the afterlife just as he had tried when he was alive.

So this session was intense not only due to the communication received, but also at one time I had an electricity flow through my body (when I start to pray in the video) that sort of freaked me out. I stayed calm, and did not make a big deal of it. It’s important when doing this work that we not let any emotion out while doing a session as spirits do and can pick up on it. Show fear and the nasties may come in to take advantage. Stay strong and they will not, at least in my experience. So with this massive surge I felt, I knew whatever was there had some power. Was it Ed or was it Michael? Or was it neither?

Could this be ED? Not sure but I photographed this spirit using the water method which is very real. See more of my water photos HERE. 


That is the thing with this work, as you have to at least try to look at everything in a neutral way. Sometimes it is hard to do as when you validate the messages with the feelings and sometimes visions you see it all adds up. But sometimes I am well aware that these beings CAN and DO lie at times. So to be honest I am not 100% sure that this is even Ed. Maybe it is Billy using a new name or trying to gain trust. I do not know. So yes, I am cautious as always and I do my daily prayers to my creator and thank him for blessing me in life with all I need. A roof over my head, food for our survival and most of all, giving me the gift of love, of which I feel and give out every day.

Here is a fact: I have almost eight solid years of intense experience with ITC and Spirit Communication. I mean, working on it almost every day over these years, making devices for better communication, testing new things and spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to test new ideas, even if they fail. I have had an inner drive, dedication and passion for this research, and it started when I was 8 or 9 years old. I run the largest channel on YouTube dedicated to real Paranormal Research. I have the largest and biggest voice in this line of research and this is not by accident. It was always the plan, and still remains the plan….not my plan, but the spirits plan and whoever is guiding me through this. This is really only the beginning, we are scratching the surface. Just wait.

I do many things that no one ever sees or hears about, and there is a reason for that. I have info that has been gathered that I have told no one. Yet. I will say that the spirit world is sort of like we imagine yet nothing like we imagine. I hope to write about all I have learned and experienced for a 2020 book. That’s the plan anyway.

Back to the Session and New Video

Not only did I complete a great Wonder Box session, but also caught two photos that are very relevant and very telling. See it all in my new video below…

The full video. A continuation of my Bellaire House visit. 


In any case, I wonder where this whole “ED” thing will go. When I know, you will know.



The two videos you really SHOULD see before the one above, as it will provide answers and explain who ED is….