MUST SEE!!! Back to The Bellaire House 2018 – Finding the source of Evil.

Back to The Bellaire House 2018 – Finding the source of Evil

This one is a must see guys, so much real time communication – live groups, and clear replies LIVE ; ) 

Bellaire Ohio. I return to one of the most Haunted houses in America.

Wow guys, I am so so proud of this video. I feel it is one of, if not my best video ever. Not only in regards to communication, and evidence but the fact that so many witnessed it LIVE and in person, which was so much fun and amazing to see. I headed back this time with Debby, and also had Josh Louis join in as we always enjoy working with HOPE Paranormal. Ever since our 1st documentary four years ago called “Finding the Light” we have created a bond in this crazy paranormal world, and when we work together something clicks and we always get amazing results. This time was no exception.

In any case, this was my 3rd visit to the house and I have to say, it did not let us down. We even had some amazing things happen, like when the sprits said the house found the light, or that I brought them angels…it all adds up to whatever was evil there, being gone, allowing the nice resident spirits to remain in peace. We found answers and the story here, and all fell into place with no plan of attack or action. We went in and let the spirits guide us to the answers.

I brought my Wonder Box Gold (which was my 1st prototype) and DR60 recorder. That was the only Para gear I brought and the rest was my camera, mics, etc. I find that these days that is all I need as it it what works best for me. In fact, I feel the Wonder Box and DR60 are one heck of a powerhouse combo together. I want for nothing more. I even bought a 2nd DR60 2-3 days ago to have one as a backup in case mine is ever lost, broken or stolen. It’s an important part of spirit communication history.

We captured so much direct communication with the Wonder Box and DR60, I have never witnessed so much direct response. Wether live with the groups, or on our own, the spirits were speaking. Clearly. This was a real world test for my latest box, and it passed with flying colors. Many of you know I do not normally do events, and my last one was years ago on the Queen Mary. With not only the devices being so much better today but also my connection, I feel I may do 2-4 per year like this, meaning meet ups, events, and investigations. If I can find answers, and do good with this technology, meaning HELP the undead and the living, then I am all in.

I feel we did this here, at the bellaire house. We went in, found answers, and HELPED by bringing light to the house. So amazing and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Photos taken by Kelli Sumption Eastburn and Jason Bland

The owner of the house, Kristen Lee, is lovely and her team is also amazing and wonderful, such KIND people.  Was such a positive experience for all with zero negativity from anyone, just as it should be. If you want to check out the house for yourself, you can! See the Bellaire House website HERE. 

I used the SCD-2 App from as well as Spiritus from Keith Weldon. 

The ONLY two apps I use these days. They are excellent.