Making the Impossible Possible. Interview with a Spirit Part 2.

Making the Impossible Possible. Interview with a Spirit Part 2.

Last night I recorded another “Interview with a Spirit” using only a digital voice recorder. While not all questions were answered, many were. Some have asked me why I did not use my Wonder Box Gold. Well, that answer is simple. I use my Gold Box all the time, I have hundreds of videos using it. My last two videos used it. It is invaluable and IMO, it is the best Spirit box device ever made up until now (March 2018). I stand by that statement 100% as I have seen nothing work like it when it comes to response and clarity and length of replies. If you missed my last two Bellaire House videos, you can see the Wonder Box Gold in action.

But sometimes I like to change it up and show everyone what can be done with just a voice recorder picking up answers in real time, from thin air. See, this way, no one on earth can dispute it in any way, especially when these are done live for groups as myself and Josh Louis did at the Bellaire House a couple weeks back now.

The DR60 is far from perfect but for what it is, it is incredible, fits in my pocket and gives me answers 90% of the time. Imagine going to a store, buying a simple voice recorder, pressing record and asking a spirit a question. You then play it back instantly and hear a voice answering your question. I mean, this should be front page news as it is absolutely incredible. No, it is not the clearest but no recorder on earth can do what the DR60 does. Period. Of course one needs a connection as well because if you do not have a connection to the spirit realms, a DR60 will do you no good anyway. But if you do, watch out, it will connect and allow sprit to directly answer you.

The Wonder Box Gold is the best there is for spirit communication, in the world. Anything I have seen that gets even close to it is in reality a sort of copy of it. Today my devices are copied over and over, though no one can truly copy the Wonder Box Gold as I make it. ; )

In any case, there are times when we need to see the impossible become possible. So I use the DR60 to show that yes, this is reality. My only three tools for communication are my Wonder Box, the DR60 and Me. They serve me well, and lately I have been getting some interesting answers, some of which I have not yet published. About the after life and how it possibly works.

Take a look at this new video, which is incredible as I converse with a spirit and capture his answers in real time. I say “Making the Impossible Possible”not because I caught an EVP, that has been done for ages. It is because now I am getting a 95% response rate with a digital recorder anytime, anyplace. THAT has never been done before. Normally one would catch an EVP 1 out of every 30, 40 or 100 times. With this it is consistent, and always works. Like a bad quality telephone to the dead. So what used to be thought of as impossible, is now possible.

Thank you all. Video is below!