Group Session Night for March Yielded Incredible Validations!

Group Session Night for March Yielded Incredible Validations!

For me, dedicating much of the last seven years of my life to spirit research, technology and connections it was only fitting for me to start doing this on a consistent and managed basis. If I can be blunt, and honest, I am not a “ghost hunter” and I am not into HUNTING anything. I consider myself a researcher, developer and most importantly a spirit communicator. I develop a relationship with spirits, gain their trust and even love and give that right back to them. The key to consistent communication, IMO, is showing the spirits your true heart. If that heart is kind, caring and empathetic then they will be drawn to you as will the light they often speak of (this is a good thing).

In fact I am starting to realize that for me, what is most important with all of this is to do good with this work. To connect in ways with spirits that will yield positive things for others and to help others. To do things no one in the world is really doing with this amazing technology. When I created my latest Wonder Box Gold I did so with the intent of using it to connect with specific spirits. Loved ones. To try and push the boundaries of spirit communication and also to push the boundaries of what most think is impossible. The good news is, that it is absolutely really working. 

In fact, we just had our 2nd group night over at Patreon where I try to reach loved ones using my Wonder Box Gold. This is done in a concentrated group effort where participants meditate on the day of my session (instruction video provided) and I then record the session in hopes some of the loved ones come through and leave a message. So we all work together. Sounds impossible you say? Well, it’s not, and we have had validations with both sessions we have done to date. I have done many of these in the past, to test it, and always had validations back then but these days, using the latest tech and techniques, it has ramped up in clarity and response.

I used to say this was experimental but after so many solid validations over the years I no longer say it is experimental, but very very real and possible.

The full video from the last session ended up at almost one hour and there were many things said. Here is just 2 minutes of that 54 minute video (Full video is only for Patreon participants) :

Imagine hearing audible messages from loved ones with those messages being personal to you. This is the kind of thing that can not be dismissed or denied by anyone as it is audble for all to hear. Yes, this is happening and it is INCREDIBLE, touching and beautiful. Just a few of the comments from some participants in this recent session (names were blacked out as they are Patreon members which is sort of a private group but all comments are live at Patreon from all members there)…

I have said this for years, but we NEVER truly die. Our soul lives forever (according to the spirits). I believe this 100% with my heart and soul after doing this work for many years. I have seen, heard, felt and experienced things that had me question my own sanity over the years but here we are today, still plugging along and it’s getting better and better every year.

This is something new, never seen before. Connecting with loved ones who have passed using technology that allows us to hear them. YES this is POSSIBLE and HAPPENING NOW! Imagine 10 years from now? It will be commonplace IMO. I started experimenting with this around 4 years ago, maybe 5.

Today, instead of trying to be scary with spirit devices, why not try to use them for love, peace, harmony and the opposite of what most TV shows do today within the paranormal? I am so proud of what is happening but it could not be done without those who help, who take part, who do the mediations and focus on their loved ones for the session AND the spirits themselves.

It is an incredible thing, and a spirit even mentioned in this last video that doing this was doing Gods work which I feel it truly is. It’s about love, the opposite of fear and hate. It is about showing the world that we never die, and that yes, there is an afterlife. This part has been proven as far as I am concerned.

You can join in if you like…and be part of history in the making.

To take part in these sessions is easy, and happens at Patreon. A $5 pledge gets you access to group night and bonus videos, gear testing clips, one exclusive video per month and I am very active there in comments and also answer all messages within 24 hours. It’s starting to be a very amazing place as it is is filled with love, warmth and wonderfully kind people. I also wanted to make it as affordable as possible while giving back as much as I could for that $5. Yep, $5. If I am ever blessed to reach 1000 Patrons I will make it my full time focus. To improve communication and to also keep developing my connection with the spirits and the devices.

This is something special indeed and I am excited by the future validations that will be coming. Today we now have the possibility to hear messages from our loved ones. While it may not happen for everyone, it does seem to happen for quite a few each month and even if it were just one solid validation I would be thrilled. To get multiple is exciting for everyone.

My goal from day one, many years ago, was to raise awareness for this, as the world has no idea that this is possible or even happening. I mean, clear spirit communication in general, let alone this amazing beautiful thing I call Group Session Night ; ) Love to all, thank you all, as always for your support.

If interested you can check out the Patreon Page here and see what it is all about.