The SOULSPEAKER. My new device for enhanced spirit communication

The SOULSPEAKER. My new device for enhanced spirit communication

1st power up of the device last night…

Been busy the last 2-3 weeks making this new device, sort of as a concept. I have been discovering that spirits love energy, and they have validated that a few times. The more energy they have, the easier they can speak to us. Of course, as I have always said, no “Magic Device” exists on earth that would allow anyone, at any time to turn it on and speak to the dead. If someone tells you this, they are lying to you. Doesn’t exist

BUT with an experienced person using a device like this, and establishing a connection, I do not think it can get any better than this for direct back and forth real spirit communication.

I have spent years working on building a connection for solid communication. There are pros and cons to that (spoken about that before) but I am at a point to where I am very connected in a way to allow these “souls” to speak to me through my devices and others, a bit easier than most though some of you out there are getting similar communication as I am. You are connected if so ; ) For example, Josh Louis from HOPE Paranormal has been getting INCREDIBLE stuff on his Wonder Box and DR 60, same as me. We have been friends for years now and speak often, and share our thoughts and ideas with each other. We both enjoy success as spirt communicators. Many out there can do this at these levels. Some may not even be aware of it.

My goals have always been to make communication clearer (which I have accomplished with the Portal, Wonder Box and again here with this SOULSPEAKER).

Then I decided to try and make communication more direct, which led to the Wonder Box GOLD. Then Dimensions Gold. When spirits asked for more “power” and “energy” I tried giving it to them. They asked for crystal energy, orgone energy and even GOLD. Not sure how gold helps but it sure does seem to help them speak louder and more clearly.

This new device is a 20lb beast. Portable, dual battery system, dual amp, quad crystal energy and orgone energy, dual intense magnetic energy mixed with gold and silver in the way it is implemented and also the electrical energy, human energy and the usual copper additions.

By upping the energy, doubling or even quadrupling it, will it help? That’s what this box was made to test. So far, I have used it twice and both times the sessions were more direct, without question. So I think it is working. I will be doing a full normal test and session with this box soon, and will post a longer form video with it for all to see. It’s actually a bit different from a netbet Wonder Box or Portal, and in some ways more minimal. This one has no reverse mode and no pitch shift or voice control and also changed the magnetic energy, which before this was sort of a theory I had. Now I believe 100% it works to help the spirits speak so I changed the implementation inside the amp this time around. More complex but still simple.

So far it seems that the spirits seem to take over the box easier. I will be using this box for my Patreon group sessions every month, as well as bringing it to the Bellaire House in March. If you join me at that event you can hear it first hand ; ) (You can learn how to join me and Debby HERE).

NOTE: This box is not for sale, and I am still tweaking it and testing. I will not be offering it for sale in the future as it will be my personal one of a kind box.

But as always, I enjoy showing you guys what I am working on. This box is 90% done and it’s beautiful in person. More clips from it are on my Patreon.