Is it possible to receive spirt messages from loved ones who have passed on?

Is it possible to receive spirt messages from loved ones who have passed on?

By Steve Huff

I will answer the question (from my experience of course) in the title a bit further down but first let me talk about a few things that have led up to this.

For a few years now I have been trying to connect to the spirit realms in many ways. Sometimes to hear lost souls, sometimes to attempt to reach angelic realms and other times I somehow end up reaching and connecting to a purgatory type of zone. But since starting this work, one thing that has been on my mind is reaching loved ones who have passed. Just think how amazing and magical would this be, if it could happen? HEARING the voices of your loved one leave a validation message. Is this possible? 

Some say it is not possible. Mediums say they talk to them all the time within their heads and gifts (and some do), but many spirit box users are mixed on this question. Of course religious folks who preach and push the Bible just say ‘They are all demons”.  I do not believe that, due to my experience that tells me otherwise.

Do I believe in demons? Yes 100%. Did I used to? Yes, but I never thought they were a real problem… but that was years ago. Today I still say Demons are NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like how they are portrayed in movies or even reality paranormal TV shows but they are very real to me, and can be powerful. I should know, I have landed myself in the ER 3 times now due to those who said they were either a demon or the devil himself attacking me and causing heart issues. I have since taken precautions and protection measures and have a solid belief that I can no longer be harmed. I really believe this, but time will tell. Comes with the territory when you dig in deep with this kind of work.

Demons and evil can come into spirit sessions, as we are opening the gate so to speak. A gate to another realm where things exist that we have no comprehension of and we also are opening the gate within our own mind, you know, the THIRD EYE you may have heard of. In my experience once you open it, it can not be closed.  At least for me it never closes.

I now believe 100% that we never die. Our souls are energy and the universe… “GOD” is within us all. Within ALL living things. When our body and brain dies, our energy (soul) leaves and heads back home to where we started from. There is a vast spiritual universe that many of us will never even think about or know about, but when you start to learn about these things, and realize what is out there, it brings a calm over you and your life. To those who say “Your eight years of research has been all with demons, I still say that if this is the case, then they are not very good at being evil, or doing damage to ones life or love or finances. They are not good at invoking fear or showing they have power. In fact in 8 years I have had three bad experiences, or 6 days worth of really bad (attacks and aftermath from them) out of nearly 3000 days. if I worked in a factory for 3000 days, I bet I would have more than 6 bad days over 8 years ; ) It takes risk to get reward in life, and I learned this long long ago. Without risk, no barriers can be broken. Without pushing the envelope, we would never find answers we seek with this kind of work. I am willing to be the Guinea Pig here and see where it takes me.

What I have learned from the spirits and this research has made me be a much better person in life. Over the last eight years I have lived with love, respect, kindness, and more love. I am VERY spiritual (though not religious, which is different IMO) and live a calm, peaceful life of love and calm. My life has never been better. No I am not even close to being wealthy or rich but I do not measure happiness with money, or wealth. I measure happiness by well, happiness. Love, inner peace, no stress, and living life in a way that allows me to enjoy every single day.

Yes, there have been ups and downs with the paranormal (the evil that creeps in from time to time), but once we learn how to control it and believe in our own abilities, the better it gets and the harder time evil has to infest a session. Today I believe 100% that GOD is within us ALL, including ME. Since I have realized this, evil now has no power over me, and I let them know every day ; ) This work, I will repeat, has changed my life for the better and not in a subtle way. Life is amazing, life is good, and life ROCKS. I feel if we find inner peace and understand that we are here to live life and learn, and then we move on, never really “dying” then life becomes different, and better. We realize life is not all about what many think it is (Fame, fortune, material things, reality TV) but instead something with much deeper meaning. OK, enough rambling! I can talk about this stuff all day, so will write an article another day about the mysteries of life.

So let’s get back to “can we connect with our loved ones who have passed through a spirit box device”.



I started a Patreon page about 3 weeks ago just for this reason. To attempt to connect with loved ones who join in on the group nights. The “Patrons” on my page are those who signed up to pledge $5 monthly to participate in group session nights, see bonus footage and behind the scenes footage as well as exclusive video content just for patrons all month. I think it is like a fancy facebook page but at Patreon I can connect with you guys more easily, answer messages without issue and have a back and forth as well as get to know you all. SO much better and personal than facebook. It’s exciting and forward thinking.

In fact, We did our first Patreon group session last night and SO MANY spirit messages came in. It was incredible. The video was posted this morning to all who joined in. 

Not everyone will get a validation, heck maybe only one will every month. It is unpredictable and never guaranteed as one can not ever guarantee a connection with a loved one when using a spirit box device. Just not possible. But I try and so did those who took part. But think about how incredible it is to PHYSICALLY hear the spirit voice leaving a message.

I am excited for the possibilities, again, even if we get one validation per month because it shows it is possible, and real and that this tech is being used for GOOD instead of just chasing ghosts all the time. I like to step and. think outside of the box, to dream the impossible and make it possible. To take on a challenge and not only attain it but surpass it. I may not always be successful at what I do, but I try and without trying, well, progress would never be made. I see my Patreon page as a place where we can all hang out, comment on evidence, talk about ideas or even take suggestions. A place where like minded people can hang out without fear of attack from internet hate and talk freely of their beliefs within ITC. I see it as a place where we can join collectively and work at a common goal, to all reach loved ones with the power of meditation, and technology. So far I am very happy with the way Patreon is going and working out as I get to hear from and know more of you and who you are and vice versa.

If you want to join me on Patreon and have access to monthly sessions like this, exclusive clips and news and direct messaging then check it out here. Watch the video at the top of the page and it will explain it all. I will still post my normal videos to YouTube of course but this is for those who want a more personal experience every month (session), and more videos!!

There will be many updates on Patreon as Debby and I drive to Bellaire OH to visit the Bellaire house again and meet up with some friends who will be there as well. So more to come!

Thank You!

SEE MY PATREON PAGE HERE. $5 gets you access to the monthly group night!