BACK to the BELLAIRE HOUSE EVENT! March 17th 2018


TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE HERE – Just scroll down until you see this:

Hey to all!

BOTTOM LINE: Debby and I will be driving to Ohio in March to stay at the Haunted Bellaire House once again. This time for a few days. I want to dig in deeper than before and will also have my latest box finished which has 2X the power and energy as the standard Wonder Box Dimensions. The new box has a new name as well, and it will be shown as soon as I finish it by the end of this week.

During our stay at the Bellaire House 2018 we have decided to open up one night to all of you, anyone who wants to join us for spirit communication at the house, a walk through with apps, and recorders as well as the Wonder Box. We are also offering a Group Gallery Session with me and the Wonder Box for anyone who would like to try and hear from a loved one. No guarantees as you can not ever guarantee things with this work, but we can try.

I do not do events often. In fact, I have done only two over seven years. The Queen Mary Halloween two night event a few years back, and an event at the Haunted Sisters Paranormal location in Tombstone (the old undertakers building). Now, for 2018 I figured since we would be at one of the hottest hot spots for paranormal in the USA that we could offer one night for anyone who wants to experience it for themselves.

During the event myself, Debby and the owner of the Bellaire House, Kristen Lee, will be on hand as well as some possible special guests. Only 15 tickets will be available at $75 per person for the 7PM-2AM portion. $25 per person for gallery group session, which MAY be earlier in the day on Saturday. We will have 30 tickets for that available. I hope to see some of you there, and I may also make an announcement soon about a possible special guest (or two) ; ) Just waiting on confirmation from them to be sure they can make it!

I will have more info soon, but ticket sales will be done by the Bellaire House directly, which is HERE.