An amazing new SoulSpeaker session and Bellaire House updates!

New SoulSpeaker session and Bellaire House updates!

I have a new video up with the new soulspeaker. I am still making changes to it to try and maximize the effectiveness of the device, but it is sounding great. I will be using it for the very 1st group night on Saturday the 17th and asked the spirits in this session if ay of these spirits for their loved ones will come through, and yes, they gave me an answer. You can see this video below…

I remember in 2014 talking about how 2015 would be so amazing for ITC. Then 2016 into 2017 and now here we are in 2018 and man, how this work and research has improved over the years, and for the better. To date, I have recorded so much information from the spirit realms. I have learned about Heaven, Hell and an in between with prisons and judgement for the souls who reside there.

I have learned that we 100% go on after our body dies here, and that our soul never dies. We are made of energy, and while that energy may struggle in a sick body when we come to our end of life, when it leaves the body we move on to the next phase of our existence and are free from the limitations of our physical body. I have learned that if we are indeed awful people here, we will indeed go to a place we may not like when we die. I hear spirits beg for help from this area all the time, as have you if you have watched my videos over the Years. These are just some of the things I have learned from the voices that speak through my devices.

This deep research of the afterlife, to me, is what excites me, more so than traveling to supposedly haunted locations (not all are haunted btw) to speak to the dead, though I do enjoy that as well a couple times per year. ; )

I have also learned from spirits, how they speak and some of what helps them speak easier. This is important because we can only improve communication when we fully understand how it is spirits can speak. They have no voice box, a spirit has no physical brain, but they have ways of manipulating energy, electronics and audio. So give them what they can use, and they will use it. That is what I have bee working on for years and years now, and it keeps getting better.

As for the Bellaire House event, it sold out in one day and I apologize to those who tried to get tickets and could not.  We only had 15 to offer for the 7pm-2am investigation and evidence collection but we do have some left for the Group Session where we will all sit down with the soulspeaker or wonder box and see what message await us. It will all be recorded, and a finished video of that session will be completed so we can hear all messages that come through, as remember, most are not heard in real time but at evidence review of the recording. If you want to join in on that, you can get your tickets HERE. 

I look forward to meeting you all at the house, and it is coming up quick! Debby and I will be driving 1800 miles to get there, and we are just waiting on final confirmation of two special guests I invited to join us, and as soon as they confirm 100% I will let you know who it is. But will be a great time and a week or two after the event, I will have a full length video released of this return visit to the house as we will be there longer, for a few days and will be filming as much as we can to see if we can get answers from the house.

As always, thank you all for watching what I do, and following my work. You can subscribe to my YouTube HERE, you can join me on Facebook HERE, you can checkout my Patreon where we will now be doing monthly group sessions for all of you who join in. The 1st one is in less than a week, and you can check that out HERE. 

Love to all! More to come.