A Simply Amazing Sunday Morning Wonder Box Dimensions Gold Session

A Simply Amazing Sunday Morning Wonder Box Dimensions Gold Session

A new video today from a recorded session I did this morning in my office. Lots of direct replies, clear answers and messages here in this one..

Also, just a FYI, I am no longer making Wonder Box’s to sell. I offered them for the last few months, sold them to many teams, researchers and individuals and now I am done making these to sell. The last one sold two days ago, the one I offered here as the last one. These latest Dimensions Box’s have had everything I have learned implemented, things that help give energy to the spirits so that they can speak clearer, with more direct answers and longer answers when required. But not everyone should have this device, as it is real, powerful and does open up doors to the other side when the operator uses it correctly and established a connection. To those who own one of my Wonder Box Dimensions Gold boxes, enjoy it and remember, the more you use it and  get used to it, the more the spirits will come through.

If you own a Wonder Box, or portal see my 10 tips on improving communication HERE. 

Also remember, a portal is NOT in any way, shape or form a Wonder Box Dimensions Gold ; ) Seems like many out there get these confused. The Portal is a simple device that I created years ago, and it works great but on a different kind of level than the latest Wonder Box. A portal can be made for about $650 in parts if made correctly, the Wonder Box cost me $2000-$2400 to make, in parts alone. So they are not the same but to anyone who wants to experiment with spirit work, you can see how to make the old original portal HERE, or even the mini portal I made HERE.

Thank you all!