I ask the spirits the questions you want answers to, and they answer. DR60

I ask the spirits the questions you want answers to, and they answer. DR60

I posted this a few days ago but right after I had to travel for work, and when I arrived home a few days later I had somehow come down with the flu ; ) So I rested all weekend and stayed in bed most of the time. This morning I am feeling 70% better so decided to post this video here, on the website for anyone who may have missed it. I like making posts here as I can char more about the video, after it has been posted, and after I have seen it a few times. This one is interesting indeed. While not the loudest or clearest EVP’s like THIS VIDEO HERE, it’s still amazing and proves spirit talks to us. This video has no cuts, runs straight through, and is all about “from thin air EVP”. I have discovered without question, that spirits WANT and NEED energy to speak. The more energy they have, the louder, more direct they can speak. This is why my Original Gold Box had something special about it. There was indeed a device inside of it that created energy, and something I whipped up that I did not think would work, but it did.

In Sedona while doing those EVP’s in a Vortex area the EVP’s were LOUD, DIRECT and CLEAR and they admitted they loved Sedona, it’s the energy they crave.

While my home does not have gobs of this energy they seek, it has some. I did this session without a Wonder Box, even though the Wonder Box of today does produce some energy for them, it does not put out nearly what the original Gold Box did. I left this out of the newer Gold Themed boxes for a reason, as I need to make sure what I did with the original was not drumming up EVIL with that type of energy. In other words, do different kinds of energy yield different spirits? results? Maybe.

In any case, while my brain works on all of that for future tests, this video is all about using a simple digital recorder, asking questions, and playing back in real time so you all can see and hear for yourself how amazing this is.

Some of these replies are quiet, and quick. I suggest headphones. A couple are loud and direct and easy to hear. For me, they are all easy to hear as my ears have been “trained” for EVP. Ask anyone in this field and they will tell you the same, that our ears get trained to hear what spirits says as we learn how they speak and what to listen for. They have a unique voice for sure. This video was put out to show you that they will answer most questions, and some they will not. Sometimes they will speak loud and direct, and other times they will be hard to hear. I normally cut out the quite hard to hear EVP’s from my videos as to not make them boring. to watch, or drag out. Here, you can see the whole session. NO cuts.

Take a look below. I will have a new video soon as I have some new ITC Apps to test out to see of they will make it into my permanent app rotation for my research. Two new apps from Ghost Hunter Apps  (GB2 and RED1) and one from Keith Weldon (Sweep Ghost Box App). So stay tuned for new stuff, I am waiting until I am 100% better and rid of this flu, as it’s probably not a good idea to talk to the dead while ill. They do use our energy and can wear us down when a connection is solid. Thank you all! Enjoy this one and BTW, the DR60 is IMO, one of the most powerful tools for any serious investigator, and while they go for $1100-$2000 on ebay, they are well worth the cost. I did not think so at first, but now? No question. It has been invaluable for me, and a couple of friends of mine in the field. They are just as powerful as a Wonder Box, Geobox or spirit box device that sometimes can cost more.