Wonder Box Dimensions. My new Tabletop Spirit box is almost complete. PREVIEW #2

Wonder Box Dimensions. My new Tabletop Spirit box is almost complete. PREVIEW #2

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I have been working non stop between my photo career and my paranormal work for the last few weeks. Hard to even get a breather it seems but I am excited about my next and last Wonder Box creation. This time, I need more space and room so the device will be a tabletop version of the Wonder Box. It will focus on not only all of the things that have been proven to work for spirit communication but will also have newer and more powerful energy types for the spirits to use. THIS will include Gold. Silver. Copper. Crystals (3 types), Orgonite, and Magnetic, Human and electrical energy.

Spirits need, want and use energy to speak to us. When they manipulate audio to talk, the more “power” they have the clearer, more direct the answers will be. Looking at everything I have learned in this field over the last seven or so years…well, it is all going into this device. After this, there will be no more Wonder Box variations made. THOUGH I MAY rebuild a few models like the Red Box, the Custom and possibly one more GOLD box. This one will be for me, for my use at home and on locations. I will have a 2nd box that is more portable when I want to go lighter and smaller but the smaller box will not have everything the “Dimensions” box has.

I had all the parts laid out last night on my table, none of it has been painted yet and none of the Gold or Silver or Magentics have been implemented yet and it is already sounding INCREDIBLE when it comes to clarity and sound quality. This should be my best sounding box to date. Will it be the most effective? Not sure yet until it is complete but it should be a step up from the Gold Box.

We shall see but for now, here is a video preview I did after recording for 5 minutes last night. All of these responses were captured within that 5 minutes. I will not use this again until it is completed. I am hoping to get it all done by this weekend and will probably work on it all day today and tomorrow and most of Thanksgiving day. I hope to get more answers than ever using this device for focused spirit sessions.

Enjoy, and be sure to check back to my Youtube for more videos using the Wonder Box Dimensions.