What is the point of continuing this work? I will tell you why…

What is the point of continuing this work? I will tell you why…

By Steve Huff

I ask myself all the time...”Ok Steve, you found the truth. There are spirits, we do go on after we die..so why continue this work”?

Honestly, I struggle with this all the time. Unless I am progressing with communication and finding new ways to expand this communication then why continue when it can indeed be dangerous to our physical AND mental health if not done with caution?

I then remember that there are many reasons to keep up with this work (for me), and if you do not mind, I will tell you a little story as I go along about how I wound up here.

When I started this work, there were literally a handful on YouTube doing ITC work. A HANDFUL. I remember only 3-4 to be honest. Besides some clips of the older pioneers no one was really pursuing a YouTube channel showcasing what could be accomplished with Afterlife Research besides one man really (he no longer does this work now). Those who did it tried to keep it in the shadows of the internet, in private groups, and some public..but at most, these groups had a few hundred members each. There really was no BIG ITC movement online, in public, for all to see. May were doing it in private but I think due to fear of being ridiculed many left it behind closed doors.

I started doing videos, testing spirit box radios and I soon discovered that this needed to be pursued, as it was much too important to just slack off on. I started to get excited about the possibilities and went all out. I did not want to hide in a private group or be afraid to go public with what I was hearing and discovering. I mean, here I was in my kitchen TALKING with some form of intelligence. Communication was back and forth and while minimal and noisy, I knew we could make it better once we understood HOW spirits speak to us. So that was my goal..to find out the HOW, then the WHY, then go to work to improve the experience for the spirits and myself and then anyone who wanted to give it a go. While I knew I would be slammed with hate, and those who just did not believe, all was OK, and it did not bother me if someone else did not believe it, all that mattered was that I DID and I knew the reality. It HAD To be pursued.

I had some kind of inner force driving me, even through hate and nasty lies that were desperately slung at me by a few out there who do this work as well (and had their own agenda of course). I pushed through and never let it bother me or sway me from what needed to be done, again, for me. I kept up and when I got hate slung at me, that made me more motivated to do more, and so I did. To go further and to truly dive into the unknown head first. So I did just that. The funny thing is that the Wonder Box would have never came to be without that hate flung at me, as that just made me want to truly give my all and improve communication as we knew it at the time. : ) Funny how things work out huh?

But soon, I was seeing more and more start up YouTube channels and many were using my techniques for communication, and it was amazing as to me. It just meant more awareness about what is happening here would be going on. It’s crazy but you can have the most amazing evidence in the universe that we can speak with some form of invisible beings that are intelligent, and directly answer your questions, via voice in real time and yet most will never believe it, or think it is fake. To me, that is the most challenging part of it all. To show those who have never seen or heard anything about “Spirt Boxes’ or ghosts to BELIEVE IT. I understand those who do not because if you just stumble on to one of my videos..you are like “Yea Right”! I get it, I really do. But it is a challenge for sure.

FACT: IT IS 100% REAL. The truly amazing communications can not and have not been debunked. When you have a voice answering you in real time, giving you relevant answers to your questions through a box, a device…with clarity, it simply cannot be explained, so instead, many just cry “Fake” instead of opening up the mind and looking into it further. It’s real and today it is not just me getting communication like this but so many others do as well. SO MANY!

So as I had this unseen force driving me to pursue this work, and spend money to do it, it was not long before I came up with the Portal, then other devices that led up to the Wonder Box series of ITC devices. As simple as some of them are, we can not deny that they work. Just as a simple hacked radio also works for communication. That’s as simple as it gets, cutting a wire in a radio, but for me, I wanted more clarity, more response, and the holy grail of “conversational communication”. If we go by what is REAL over the years, those who did REAL ITC work, then what we see today is so far improved and only getting better.

In fact, there are a handful making spirit boxes today that are original, and work well. I can count these individuals on 2-3 fingers. The Geobox is one of them and yes, George Brown is a dear friend in the field. One of the greats. With the Geobox, Wonder Box and one other box I have been eyeballing, we are on the cutting edge of ITC in 2017. But with that I do not recommend the masses do this work. It is not for everyone, and truth be told, it can disrupt your life in a few ways if you let it. See more on that HERE. 

What really helped me with all of this is when I found out HOW spirits speak. Once I learned that, well it opened so much up to help them speak more clearly and with more intelligence and response. I have talked about this in other articles so will not rehash it but it will get better in 2018 yet again.

But why keep on with this? Why is it important?

Well, I was pushed to do this by some kind of force, as if there was something in me driving me to do it. If not, I would have quit long ago from attacks, heart attack issues, being pulled from my body and even a possession attempt. I would have quit when I saw my bank statements showing how much money I spend every year doing this work, without recovering said money. I would have quit for many reasons. The fact that something is driving me to continue tells me it has to be important. Also, to date THOUSANDS have emailed me telling me of how I have helped them, some even telling me I helped them realize SUICIDE was not the answer. Some have had messages from who they believed to be their loved ones during group nights. So with all of this love, and the fact that 99% of those who watch what I do, enjoy it and love it and many get something spiritual out of it, then that alone makes it worth it. But possibly saving a life? That alone makes it ALL so so worth it. But there are more reasons…

I feel we are living in a time of so much anger, hate and divisiveness. Like I have not seen in my lifetime. I feel that many out there need to see that yes, there is a God. There is a Hell. There is a Heaven. All of these things have been confirmed through my Wonder Box if we are to believe the voices coming through. Yes my friends, IMO the devil does exist though he is not the figure we portray him to be in movies and on TV/media. There is a powerful dark force and a powerful light force in the universe. Good spirits have said they live in space, among the stars and some who are dark live in what they call HELL which is far away from the stars.

While to some who view only a few of my videos, they feel I/we have not learned anything from this work, but I have learned so so much.

I have learned so many things, if we are to believe what is said, about life, our soul, why we are here on earth as we are now, various realms, and I have also learned that if we are awful people here on earth we do go to an awful place. I feel we are here to learn a lesson, and some of us may come back to relive life to learn more until we learn all we need. Then we go to where we need to go. There is so much I have learned from “them” that I could not tell it all here.

So with this work doing much more good than bad, I feel it needs to continue. It helps those who watch, it helps me, it has made me a much better person and it has made me spiritual and allowed me to allow GOD into my life. While I am not bible thumper or religious, I do believe in a higher power, and this work made me believe it. So if it is driven by Satan, all they did was make me believe in GOD more than ever, and made me a better person all the way around. Amazing.

So to those who watch me, always feel free to share what I do. Share a video, or an article. Spread the news that yes, we can talk with the afterlife and it is real. To those who shrug it off as fake, believe me my friends, what you see here in my videos is all real, and always has been. It will get better and better in 2018, and may go to places it has never been. I am excited and nervous about it but I think once more and more see what is happening they will realize we do go on, and maybe some will change their hate and anger to love. One can only hope.

Thanks to all, and love to all.