My Most Viewed Spirit Communication Videos Re-Visited, and Happy Thanksgiving!

My Most Viewed Spirit Communication Videos Re-Visited, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Today I am with family, and we are spending the day with good food and good times. I hope you are doing or have done the same. I love this time of year. The weather is crisp, even here in AZ in the mornings, and there is a feel good feeling in the air. I am currently 1/2 way done building my new Wonder Box Dimensions and just started editing the next “Best Evidence of 2017” video, which will be part 3. If you missed part 1 or part 2, check them out here. Amazing undeniable spirit connections and communication are shown.

Today I wanted to share with you a few videos that have exploded on YouTube. Some I understand why, and others I have no idea why but they are all pretty good and all feature crazy spirit communication. These are not my best videos, but they are some the most popular!

MOST POPULAR VIDEOS I HAVE ON YOUTUBE (Not my best, but popular)!

This is a video that is getting 5-8,000 views a day right now. Debby and I filmed this around 6 mouths ago in May 2017. It now has 725,000 views (as of this post) and I am not sure why this one exploded but it could be due to one of the messages that came in so clear and loud. I was using only the SCD-2 app and a speaker, and had some very relevant direct answers. If you missed it, see it below. 

Next up…IS HELL REAL? That is what I ask in the title of this video, as within it, a spirit verifies HELL exists in their own unique way. Since this video they have told me again that hell is real many times. They have also validated heaven as well. 408,000 views to date!

Next Up..with over 260,000 views this one was a session using my then brand new “Wonder Box Red” of which only one was made. The person who now owns this box owns a special one for sure. 

Next Up, my very 1st attack while in Virginia City working with others. I threw up, and the ones who attacked me took credit, and validated it through the Geobox. Was a crazy experience as it was my 1st attack. My most tame attack but my 1st. 445,000 views

Next Up..My Robin Williams video which I feel all of you have seen…over 1.7 Million views to date! I feel Robin was one of a few that I have contacted directly. The key, as I have said for YEARS is to connect within 48 hours of a passing as that is 100% when a spirit has the easiest time to speak to you. After that they may move on, and when they do, it is VERY hard to get them back. 

So there ya go, five of some of my most popular videos on Youtube. There are others that have over 1 million views but they are so so so old, and not nearly as good as what I capture today so not worth showing but they were a part of the journey for me as I now have 525 videos published, and around 550 videos total. Enjoy your holiday my friends, and be sure to remember to love, be happy, smile and always think POSITIVE! One more awesome video that is doing great (and one of my best) is the Bellaire House video, but I shared that one yesterday HERE. 

Love and Light!