HEAR the spirits help me test new ideas. Wonder Box Gold Dimensions & a Radio. Oh, Billy is Back.

HEAR spirits as they help me test new ideas. Wonder Box Gold Dimensions & a Radio. Oh, Billy is Back.


Hey all! While I have been SUPER busy with camera business all month (Holiday Season always keeps me busy) I have found time to finish my new Wonder Box and I am still testing it to benchmark it against previous boxes. So far, so good.

Here I was using a Jensen hack radio I picked up from my good friend George Brown as it is the best spirit/hack radio to use with a portal or wonder box. Without question. But even so, I still wanted to try and remove all noise from the radio. The noise reduction on the Wonder Box Dimensions is very good (as you will see in the video) but adding some tin foil over the radio will act as a shield and eliminate noise and even radio channels themselves. Since spirits NEED raw audio to speak and manipulate, it is not good to take away all radio audio. THEY NEED IT. But even so, I wanted to test it and it seemed to work best with minimal foil and using noise reduction on the Wonder Box itself.

What you will see here is spirits actually helping me test my ideas, as they have for many years. They will sometimes tell me what to add or take off of the box, they will inform me of what they do NOT want, and even help me when I test by saying “testing” or letting me know if “it works”. I am actually WORKING with spirit here after years of building up a relationship and connection with them. It’s pretty amazing when I think about what is actually occurring here but I am so used to it (thousands of sessions over many years) that it is normal to me these days.


Here you will hear the box using a radio, a scanning hacked radio which is UNDENIABLE. You will see and hear me plug it in, use it and you will hear direct replies from sprit answering me and helping me. I then plug in an app, the SCD-2 which is like a Jensen Radio on steroids. No noise, a better well implemented scan algorithm and CLEAR voice, which is what sprits love to manipulate and use to speak. So take a look and enjoy this spirit communication and a look at one of my many tests (that I usually do not publish). Also, you will see here that BILLY is back.

AMAZING video below guys! Enjoy it and know WE DO GO ON after death! This I DO KNOW without question. Love to all.