Don’t believe in ghosts? Well you should. See my best evidence of 2017 and be blown away.

Don’t believe in ghosts? Well you should. See my best evidence of 2017 and be blown away.

By Steve Huff

The video is below! My Best Evidence of 2017, Part 1 of 5. This video has some AMAZING evidence, some of it new and some of it that you may have missed. Featring the Wonder Box Plus, Ultimate, Red, White and Gold. Part 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be uploaded soon. There was so many amazing moments in 2017 and I KNOW 2018 will be even better. 

Hello all, and happy weekend! Wow, it’s INSANE how fast time has been going by. 2017….no, scratch that, the END of 2017 is here and 2018 is only a couple of months away. As I see myself getting older, and feel myself getting older I start to think more of that time that will indeed come one day. Death. If there is one thing we all have in common on earth, it is that we are all made the same way and all will face our death one day. Wether it is when we are old, wrinkly and ready or by some unforeseen illness or tragedy, we will all die one day. Before I started my spirit communication work seven years ago, I was not sure what was waiting for us after death, or if we even went on.

Today, I know better and have proven to myself and others that there is indeed SOMETHING after we pass. It’s not all rosy and full of love, but just as many of us suspected, there is evil and dark and there is love and light and warmth on the other side. It seems to be a lot like how we live now but the evil and good are separated. When I speak of things such as this, I do so only from my experience and evidence that has come in. I go by consistent messages that have come in several times. I go by what “sticks’ withe repeated messages over years.

If I know one thing from doing spirit communication work at a very deep level, it is that we all have a soul, and yes, our soul does live forever. We are made of energy. An energy that is much amor powerful than our “mechanical” bodies that our soul houses. Once we pass, our soul continues on to the next journey, and lesson.

The Wonder Box Gold was the best box I have made to date. Many want me to recreate it but I may make one last Wonder Box, and it will be even better than this one. 

It’s crazy that we are here in 2017 and we have rock solid proof, evidence and REAL communication that is borderline conversational of spirit existence. What is sad is that some will never ever believe it is real, so for now, it remains on the “fringe” and all I can say about that is that it is understandable. If I were on the outside and never have been exposed to this kind of thing, and was told ghosts are not real all of my life..I would also think it was fake. So I understand that, but that does not mean I will ever stop pursuing it as one day…one day it will gain MASS exposure, to the 10’s or hundreds of mullions of people.

It’s real my friends, every bit of it. All of it. In over 520 videos created over seven years, every second of footage recorded by me has been and is 100% real. Those are the facts, and that makes it all incredible. I have captured voices of Robin Williams, Ed Warren, Tom Petty, Joan Rivers, Hugh Hefner, Prince, Johnny Cash and even Michael Jackson. I have shown in some sessions, such as my Johnny Cash and Tom Petty sessions that the evidence is UN-DEBUNKABLE. And it is. Period. By running these boxes in reverse mode, full forward English messages, answers and direct replies can not be explained. By anyone. That is fact.

When Josh from HOPE Paranormal came to AZ to help me out with dark forces…See that video HERE.

See HOPE Paranormals videos HERE. 

So we know that these voices who call themselves the dead are real, and they tell us they are dead, they are spirits, ghosts, angels and even demons. They speak of God, they speak of the Devil. They speak of Heaven and Hell and some are more powerful than others.

With my Wonder Box, as simple as it is (though some say they are too complex), well, it gives the spirits energy to use to speak. I do not just throw an amp and some reverb on a box and call it a Wonder Box. A Wonder Box today consists of many parts, and they cost around $2k to make. For the parts alone. There are many energy types that range from crystal to orgone to magnetic to human…and that is what helps the spirits along with everything else a Wonder Box houses.

I am constantly testing new things on the Wonder Box so it is constantly evolving. I have made the Wonder Box Classic, the Wonder Box Plus, The Ultimate, the Red, Gold and White. I have one more Wonder Box model in me…and it will either be called “FINAL” or “STATEMENT”. After that I will work, finally, on my “Astral Doorway” project which I have been wanting to do for a year or so, but have not had the time.

Working with my AMAZING friends and researchers THE CHILLSEEKERS in Ohio at the Bellaire House. See the full video HERE, as it is worthy of a full watch. Trust me ; ) See the Chillseekers video from the same investigation HERE. 

The new video is at the top of the page, so be sure to watch it. If you can not see it embedded here, you can go right to YouTube and view it HERE. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel there and turn on Notifications, as I will have not only four more in this “best of 2017” series coming, but new sessions as well.

Thanks again all for your support, love and watching what I do. More to come, as always.

Love and Light to ALL