Personal Gear for Sale: One Panasonic DR60 Recorder on Ebay Now. Started at $1, No Reserve.

Personal Gear for Sale!

Hey guys, I am selling one of my DR60 recorders. Yes, I own two as I have shown in some recent videos. This recorder is insane in its capabilities to record and capture EVP, and nothing made before it or after it come close to its capabilities for EVP. For me, it is 100% of the time I use it that I capture a spirit EVP now. 100%. Voices from thin air. I reviewed these in a recent video and even posted an article or two on them, HERE and HERE.

These sell on eBay from anywhere between $1100 and $1500. It seems there has been a price jump lately. I own two. One is the American Version and the other the Japanese Version. Both are exactly the same, made in the same factory. One was sold in Japan, one in the USA. Both work exactly the same. I also have a nice pelican case just for the recorder as well as a box it came in. I paid $1200 for the Japanese version, with box and case. Keep in mind not everyone can capture EVP as easily as other who can regularly. If not, it can come with patience and practice and dedication but some can capture moneyslot EVP easily, some not so much. Since we are the #1 conduit for spirits to speak, we must connect with them when doing EVP or communication work.


You can see the eBay listing HERE if you are interested. I started it at $1 with no reserve to be fair in pricing. It will sell for what the demand brings for it.