My Weekly Focused Session. Tom Petty and the Angels. Wonder Box, Music Method, DR-60

My Weekly Focused Session. Tom Petty and the Angels. Wonder Box, Music Method, DR-60

Those of you who read this website, this blog, these pages..well you know who I am, what I do, and also why I do what I do (and thanks to all of you, I find ways to continue, so thank you). My heart is so deep into this work, even those horrific attacks recently did not take me out of it 100%. Many have wondered about that, and what I was doing about the negative side of this work. Well, I took a 5 week break, away from ALL things paranormal. I did not watch videos, I did not even utter the words “session” or “spirit”. Instead, I healed myself, started reading books like the Bible, for the 1st time in my life. I started praying, started implementing protection methods in my life that have been used for centuries. I also had my home blessed and cleansed. I meditate on love, angels, and guidance. I pray every day for the world, for the planet and I see where are world is going and heading these days, and it is not good. Today so many in the world are filled with hate, anger, negativity and I blame the internet as a whole. Today we have succumbed to Facebook addictions, cel phone addictions and we have lost the ability to connect with each other on a personal face to face level, at least many of us have. I even deleted Facebook from my Phone over a month ago, and check in twice per week on my desktop to check messages or family pages. That’s it.

As for me and my new sessions…

For the last few weeks I have been doing a weekly video, with a focused session. Last week was Hugh Hefner, the week before was another focused session, week before that another one.

Last night I did one for Tom Petty, and for those of you who have asked me to do this, here you go. I was a fan of his, and while no superfan, I have listened to his music most of my life. To those who know me, you know that I have said for years that the best time to connect wth a spirit is within 48 hours, which I say due to what I have learned about ITC over the last seven years. I find this to be true, and yes, spirits do want to speak, and leave messages. To ignore them, or take their voices away during the best chances to record it would be dis-respectful to them, especially when you have the ability to do so as so many of us do.

Many see this as disrespectful but they are looking at it through colored lenses..they see what they want to see, and never see the beauty in things such as this. Myself and many others have always given spirit a voice, probably will be what kills me one day, but being an empath and someone who truly cares about them, and the living, it is just what I do. It is what it is. If you are not an empath, you would never understand. What I have done here to me, and many others (the majority who watch it).. feel it is beautiful, full of love and yes, respect, as it is. Since what I do is 100% real, and always has been, this is done to allow spirit to HAVE THEIR VOICE be heard, to leave final messages. Why would I deny spirits to have a voice when I have the capability to offer them one? The only reason I would ever stop would be as I said before, the evil, attacks, and negative spirits who try to stop me. If that persists, I will quit this work for good, or face horrible health issues. As of now, taking it slow, doing only weekly sessions with a purpose has really changed the far.

In this session for Tom Petty there are messages left, some of them pretty amazing. One of them I feel was about when he was alive, being lonely on the road. See the new video below as it contains an attempt to connect with angels and guides first, using the music method of ITC. Then to Tom Petty using the same method (with an older Wonder Box). At the end I do an EVP session with the DR-60 to see if they can validate that he was there, and they did. All around, pretty amazing and again, all done with respect and love. Our souls truly never die, we never die. We are forever. This I know more than ever, seven years on doing this work and research has taught me this, and I hope that it has helped some of you as well. If not, it would all be for nothing.