A Focused Spirit Session with attempts to find answers to a Death.

A Focused Spirit Session with attempts to find answers to a Death.

My Latest Video. With a “Gifted” Wonder Box..all is revealed in the video.

I try to find answers to the death of Kenneka Jenkins, who has been in the media recently. 

If you guys have been following me here and on YouTube, you know what my new direction is with ITC. It may even be an impossible goal, but one worthy of a shot. Over the last several years I have done sessions, created devices to improve communication with the dead, proved they work as well as allowed others to show how well they worked. The question today is not “Can we talk to the dead, or at least those who say they are dead” but instead the question on my mind more than ever is, “Can we do good with this technology”? I feel the answer is YES, but it may not be as easy as one may think.

Since the dawn of man there have been those who have been gifted with some sort abilities to connect with the others side. Yes, some mediums in the world are legit and just because there may be thousands of fakes, there are many legitimate, real mediums. NOT PSYCHICS, as no one on earth can tell the future. I have never seen evidence of that at all. But mediums? Those who hear and see images from the dead? Absolutely. Those real mediums have helps countless of people in life, even stopping some from ending their own lives due to grief. While many out there say no mediums are real (I used to be one of them), today I know otherwise as I have experienced real mediums more than once, and now that I know the dead CAN AND DO speak to some of us, fluently through advanced devices using technology that we now know helps them speak, it validates the mediums even more.

I am not a medium, period. I never called myself one and refuse to do that as I see myself as someone who uses devices only to hear from the other side. So while there are times when I do “hear’ and “see” my devices are my preferred way to connect because HEARING the voices who are speaking instead of me just saying what I hear? If we can successfully do this, it would be the most validating form of this work and life changing for so many. Some say I am an “Electronic Medium”. Others have used that term in the past, but it is one I can accept only if I start getting results that prove this is possible, which I will be attempting soon, with a laser focus like never before.

In this regard, yes, I am gifted. I am not ashamed to admit this as I accept today what I have accomplished, and what I have yet to accomplish. When you live this life of deep level communication with voices who say they are dead, or in hell or in heaven even, and they answer you directly, clearly and even speak of love for you, call you by name and talk about your life, then that can never be explained away by anyone, other than a select few who cry “fake” because they can not wrap their head around it. Some feel that if they do not get a connection and communication like myself and a select few others get, then it must be fake. I have explained why some do better than others many times. It’s all in the connection, the commitment and the ways you go about it all. Not everyone can get deep level communication. That’s just how it is.

My passion for the last seven years was THIS work. I sank my entire life into it which was a mistake as it does not bring me financial gain, nor does it bring me anything but occasional health issues and negative entities creeping in to cause harm. Why would I do this? You know, it’s tough to answer but if you were in my shoes and could be me for a minute you would FEEL why. It’s a path I must forge ahead on, no matter how difficult it can be at times. But to continue NOW, I have to take all I have learned form being careless in the past, and put that into use. I am now a smarter, more focused man than before when it comes to what I do.

Yes, I will be attempting to connect to higher level spirits, to help people with lost loved ones (for free, as this is experimental) and even try to get information from my guides on mysteries of the world. Doing GOOD with this tech, instead of mindless sessions that serve no real purpose but to say “wow, look at the responses I got”! I learned the hard way that doing this work in that manner will eventually lead to darkness attaching itself to you, as it did to me. No matter who you think you are or no matter how protected yo think you may be, if you are foolish with this research it will get to you in some negative way in the end, and trust me, it is real, and the scariest thing you will ever experience in your life. That is my opinion, as remember, there are no experts in this field. But I have experienced it and been and lived through it.

My sessions from now on will be focused only on good, on love, on light. NO more sessions just to do a session. There has to be a point to it. I no longer have to PROVE we are speaking to these entities and spirits, that has been done. Now it is time to take this tech and put it to the real test. The tech can only go so far though, my connection also has to be put in to place as it is maybe 40% device, 60% the operator. I have been working on prayer, meditation, and improving my connection for good and will continue to do so. I will build devices only for my use, not for sale. I will not be involved in making apps for others to sell with my name on them (remember, I make not a penny on any app, or any box sold by others using my name or device name) nor will I promote apps for others. I will only be involved in improving what I want to accomplish, for my own study and work and research. Maybe have an app made for my work or make a few devices to use for specific purposes. Again, I have to be focused on my goals, not helping others sell apps or doing session after session, carelessly.

In any case, this session was my 1st real session back from my break. My new device I am making is not done yet, so here I used a Wonder Box that was donated back to me from someone who bought it many many months ago as he is getting out of ITC. He wanted it to be used, so he just sent it to me to use. Stephen C from Canada. BTW, he did verify on YouTube he sent it to me for those who will try to spread lies for some reason about that : )

So be on the lookout as I will be doing weekly session videos and possibly a 2nd vlog video mid week with updates. Time to get focused and spread my intent to the universe. I am excited to see what unfolds. As for those who say “It’s all demons”..well, remember what I said? There are no experts. So you have no idea, and neither do I. Thank you.

Also someone asked me yesterday if I will ever make a new GOLD BOX. Well, no. I destroyed the last one, lost $2,400 as that is what it cost to make. I know today what made that box so effective, but the problem was that it was part my carelessness and part the effectiveness of that box. If I would have used it with more respect and care, maybe things would not have escalated. I used to allow ANY spirit in, but not anymore, and they now know this. If I ever do make another box like it, it will be again, one of a kind, and for my research. I am open to building ANYTHING that will help do good, and good only. So I am sure you will see MANY experiments form me in the future in regards to devices I make for myself and research.

As for if I will do location videos. I am sure I will, again, only with intent to truly connect or to find answers to mysteries of the location. Not just to say “who’s here”? But again, I want to take my ITC work to a new level, and it is time to try and do just that. I may or may not have success but at the end of it all I can at least say I gave it my best shot.

Love you all.