Photographing Spirits, Ghosts and Entities. Part 1: Explanation and Samples


Photographing Spirits, Ghosts and Entities. Part 1: Explanation and Samples

Hey to all! I have been taking a break from communication sessions for the last couple of weeks but will be back soon with new Wonder Box videos. While I take it easy with the box, I decided to try a new method of spirit photography using a glass ball, s0me water, food coloring, lighting and a very unique way to implement it all together for a very cool way to photograph the spirit world. I have been photographing them for many years now and have tried many methods and techniques from traditional water scrying to black mirrors, to using mist, black lights and even very high sensitivity cameras that see in the dark. I have had success with all methods of getting images of spirit. If you have not seen some of my photos, you can see them HERE. Some are old, but some are incredible.

Today I decided to give it a go again and instead of talking to them right now, I asked if they could show me themselves, show me scenes of where they are, show me messages or anything they want me to see. I took a solid clear glass almost crystal like ball and used it in conjunction with a light source, food coloring and a jar. When you do this, you simply get it all together, and take photos of the glass ball while you ask spirit to show themselves. My left hand held the ball, my right hand held the camera. I would ask, count down from 3 and take the shot. After I load my SD card into my computer to see if I captured anything.

Using this method and taking around 16 photos, I captured 5 amazing images. Take a look:


Click the image to see it larger. Here I see what looks like a full face or possibly a baby or a man. I see hair strands and what could possibly be some sort of hat on his head, or something else on his head. 

“EYE SEE YOU” – Here I see a full eye. Some may see a cat’s eye, others a full human eye. But there is 100% without question and eye here. Again, I took the image of the crystal ball after asking for them to show up. 

How about a scene? Here I see a possible gate and a man guarding it holding a stick or pole/cane. You may not see it as I do, but this is what I see. 

“STORM” – I see what appears to be clouds or a storm. Some may see baby hands coming out of clouds…

This one is interesting. When I first say it I saw a man, with a stern look staring at me. I called it “staredown”. After I saved it and I looked again, I saw a man weeping and holding a hand to his right eye looking DOWN. CRAZY weird but not the 1st time this has happened. You may see both as well. Look at it now, and click it. Come back in an hour and look again and see if it is the same or different. Do you see a man staring in the upper left or a man looking down, sad?

So there ya go. A few samples from one photo session that took a total of 7 minutes of my time. This method has loads of potential I think and I will be doing a video showing more, and the video recording of when I actually captured these. It is basically still water scrying but just in a cool new way. Just as spirits manipulate audio to speak to us (they can change audio to form their messages, this is how they speak using ANY ITC device for communication) they can also manipulate things such as water, fire, smoke, and light to show themselves. I will show how I set it all up and how you can try the same at home if you wish. Soon!