My Latest Video with Josh from HOPE Paranormal, and a big Update

My Latest Video with Josh from HOPE Paranormal, and a big Update

Hello to all. I want to first state here that some of you may have seen my statement the other day about quitting the ITC field. Others may have missed it. I posted it to my Facebook, and on the ITC Collective Group. I will say that it has been an INTENSE last few days, and there have been moments where I would not have wished them on my worst enemy, if I had an enemy that is. I do not do “enemies” as I have always been about love. You guys know that.

I have been doing this work on a non stop basis for 6 years, actually longer if you count my old videos that were on an old channel on YouTube before that one was taken down. Yes,  due to evil or demonic forces scaring me back then I removed that 1st channel which was called “Spirit Box EVP”. In fact, just today I was thinking about those 1st months and 1st sessions where my son and I were doing Franks Box and P-SB7 sessions. We were hearing voices in my home back then, and I was having some strange happenings with my body as well. It scared me off and we quit..but it was not for long. In fact, two weeks later I was back because as I have mentioned before, this work has a way of pulling you back in. It can and does get addictive. Those who do what I do know this, though some do not like to admit it. It is not about attention or fame, but it just pulls you in, especially when you get constant results. I think it is our human nature of wanting to know answers, the mysteries of what happens after death and spirits who can possibly manipulate us to keep going.

But today, when I was thinking of those days I was saying “I remember being scared to death back then, yet here I am, still alive and kicking”. Hmmm. Makes me think..if Demons or evil forces wanted me to quit back then, they couldn’t stop me, so how can they stop me now? Just more questions… but the reality is, this time, today…they have been trying much much harder to stop me and with an intensity like never before.

Me and Josh in AZ

Recent messages through my Wonder Box Gold (Which has now been destroyed and trashed, $2400 down the drain) have said I was speaking to the Devil, in crystal clear messages. Then a message “Lucifer is coming to stop you”…then the attacks, both physical and mental started hitting me. I called in my good friend Josh (well, let me say brother as he is like family to me) from HOPE Paranormal to help out to see if we could get to the bottom of what was happening here.

It scared me a little to think we might drudge up or anger these dark forces that have been trying to get to me with threats and scary messages…and well, we did. But before I get into what happened after Josh’s visit, let me show you the video from his visit.

This is intense stuff, and yes it is scary…


So after this video I was confident I would be OK after a break from sessions. My plan was to take a few weeks off, AT LEAST 2-3 weeks, and then get back to sessions, maybe one per week. Nothing like the 30 videos I did in July 2017. I feel the more you do this work, the deeper down the hole you go. The deeper down that hole you go, the closer you get. The closer you get, the darker it can get. Just my opinion from my evidence but after almost seven years of this, I have many spirits here in my home, and dark forces that do not like me meddling and me getting closer and closer.

After that last session in the video with Josh (the end), I had some sort of attack. The box was running, and I shut it off as I was not feeling like myself. I felt as if something was trying to take me over, pull me out of my body and my vision was blurring, my chest was tight and m body felt in a way I can never even explain to you in words. I will try…but I can not explain it exactly. There are no words.

I felt a pulling, and physically felt what appeared to be my soul leave my body by just inches or a seemed as if my physical body would slump over if I allowed this to happen, so I fought it. Josh was witnessing it and he walked around the room praying to Jesus to help me and protect me. It was like a scene from a horror film, truly.

He came by, put his hand on my shoulder and continued. I then felt so much emotion in me after a few moments and I started crying uncontrollably. I coolant stop. After a few moments I felt OK, and the feeling left. We chatted about it, and soon it started up again. We went through it again and after that time we decided to call it a night. I went to bed and the next day I had to take him to the airport as he was heading back home to Florida.

The day he left the house felt “thick” something was here that was not happy. I felt the anger in the house. During the day I had some sort of mild issues with my chest and heart (pain) again, and I sat down and tried to control it, praying and asking for protection. Later that night, and I will not go into any detail, this evil presence affected Debby, and what happened truly scared me to death. I saw it affecting her and me, and after that episode I went into my spare room and started to meditate. I found some answers in that mediation and the next day Debby and I both agreed that we were being attacked or manipulated by this evil spirit. NOT GOOD.

It was then that I came to the conclusion (and from a meditation and prayer for help) that ALL that I speak with through these devices are evil, lying, manipulating spirits.  I did not want to believe that as I worked for seven years believing otherwise. I spent a huge part of my life and finances devoted to this work and finding answers, and establishing a connection that I always did with love and light and true caring for these spirits who spoke to me.

After the scare of my life that night I decided to call it quits. I wrote my statement on Facebook and that was it. I took down my YouTube and this website. I decided I would try to ignore ITC, get it out of my mind, block it out and try to forget it…FOREVER.

With hundreds of messages coming in, that was not easy to do though. But it was so nice to see all of the love and prayers being sent our way. (Thank you all who sent me a message BTW.)

Over the last two days these “attacks”continued on me. Yesterday I was back getting another EKG for what I thought was a heart attack. For 4 hours my chest was tight, and had pain. I felt “off” with lightheadedness and a out of body feeling that would come and go. But the pain and tightness lasted hours.

That EKG was fine but my blood pressure was unusually high, so I went home to rest and slept for about 12 hours.

I woke up today (Saturday August 12th 2017) feeling good. I will say that today was still a great day and I feel there were a few signs of love and that someone is indeed watching out for me. While Debby and I were having breakfast at a local restaurant a young man walked up to me, maybe 18 years old, maybe 17..and he said “are you Steve Huff?”  – I said “yes I am” and he went on to tell me how he has watched me for years, ever since my old Joe’s Box videos and loved my work. He was happy to meet me and was also excited, so that was nice to see. I . THEN, our server comes back to our table and says “Someone said you are Steve Huff” – and I said “yes I am” and he said him and his girlfriend were fans and he took a selfie with me. Amazing. I felt the love, and he chatted with us for a bit and it was awesome to meet TWO people in one restaurant who were fans of my work. I mean TWO different people in ONE place at the same time, locally in my town? To me, that seemed to possibly be a sign..of something.

To me, and Debby, we felt like it could be two things. Either God was showing me that yes, my work has positive influence on people. MANY people. If two were in a local small restaurant who knew me and my work, imagine how many all over the world felt that way. Emails come in from people all over thanking me for helping them believe in an afterlife. So yes, that made me feel amazing and so good inside. Also brought a smile to my worried face.

On the other hand, maybe it was dark forces trying to make me feel good to lure me back in. I just do not know but I spoke with Josh today and another great friend in this field messaged me today, and I trust her 100%. Both seem to think this is not the end for me with this work. My chat with Josh today was great and he helped so much, probably more than he knows. He made me realize a few things and today I republished this page, and my YouTube as my work as a whole is much too important to hide away from fear, even if that fear is justified (and it is). Though there will be no new videos for a long while or ever, the work needs to be there for reference.

Later in the day today I had some of the chest pain again but started to realize that maybe, just maybe it was anxiety. These pains were coming out of nowhere, just while eating or watching TV. But Anxiety attacks apparently work that way. So I sat down and tried to focus and tell myself I would be OK, and that it would pass as it always does. I was fine after a few moments but the chest pain lingered on for 2-3 hours.

With doctors unable to help or figure out the issue and after several tests for my heart ruling out heart damage or disease, I feel that spirit is causing these episodes either by inducing anxiety issues or trying to get into me or even possess me. For months they have spoken of possession me with phrases like “possession is getting near” and “slowly our sleeping will possess you” and “get an exorcist”. So possession, something I never thought was truly real is now something I believe is real. We learn every day in life and I have learned so much over the years that has totally changed how I think, and it has also humbled me greatly.

I will say that to anyone who thinks this is ridiculous, that is OK. Unless what I experienced and Debby has experienced happens to YOU, you could never ever understand. One of my friends, the one who messaged me today has gone through this herself and it was a nightmare. She has gotten through it and she fully believes she has God on her side now, and I believe her as well.

This work is a mystery, and no one could ever know the way it all works. I could be 100% right or 100% wrong with my theories just as anyone can. We simply do not know what is going on, who can hurt us, how they can hurt us, who can save us and protect us, etc.

What I have learned over the past few days is that this work, and this research will always be a huge part of my life. I can never block it out or forget it, as it is just too important and special and honestly it is a part of me now. The bad comes with the good, and while that bad is scary as anything I have ever experienced in life, it doesn’t take away the fact that what I have accomplished in this field has been extraordinary, especially when looked at as a whole. It can never be taken away, and it deserves to be seen.

Now yes I said I will quit sessions and I meant it. But many have told me “never say never”… so after a long, long much needed break who knows. Every day we learn and that will never stop. I am now learning new ways to protect myself, and yes I do now have God in my life and need to build on that relationship with as much dedication as I did with the spirits. I now have seen and felt pure evil, and I believe in it as well. I have evidence of and believe in Heaven and Hell. I have seen and felt whom I speak with, good and bad. I have had evil enter me and I also have had love enter me.

With my good friends in this field giving me great advice, I get the feeling that this is not over. Sure, again, I made a bold statement the other day and sounded very sure of myself but after my long break from sessions, that is when I will decide my future in this field. Not today, not last week and not from outright fear as I did just the other day, but after a long break and building a relationship with my higher power and implementing way to protect myself, of which I admit…I was lacking.

This work is fulfilling, rewarding and dangerous all at the same time. When we get too deep, we can expose ourself to evil like most have never experienced, and it is VERY VERY real. It can attack and latch on for days, weeks and months but after so many attacks, here I am, alive and as of right now, well and healthy. This tells me that these attacks are more mental and fear based, which could explain the possible anxiety issues. Fear is so so powerful, and as I have always said NEVER DO THIS IF YOU FEAR IT. Well, I let that fear get to me, they were able to slip it in after the Gold Box was made, and I broke my own rule, hence the fear and letting them in. FEAR…I was right all of these is the real enemy but it is also VERY hard to drop it when you are attacked several times.

I do feel 100% that they got into me, and even manipulated Debby, and that is NEVER EVER Ok. I would never continue this work if that was going to be an issue, so if I do ever come back after a break, things will be different. Much different.

I am not sure if I will return to this work, ever. I am not sure I will quit forever. It all depends on how things go over this resting period for me and if I can build up my spiritual strength to know without questions I am protected and can move on in appositive way. I do know I would never allow negatives to speak like they have been, as I would not give them a voice to scare and spread fear ever again.  I will also be calling in some help for cleansing of my home and myself and Debby.

Someone reminded me via email of a few sessions I did a couple of years ago that were pure love, and THAT will be my goal if and when I come back to this. No guarantees though, as after a long break I may lose interest. If I do, then it wasn’t meant to be but if after this break the passion and desire is still there to continue on my path and research I will see all of this as a learning experience and move forward. I also have to evaluate my life and make sure what I do will NEVER put anyone else in danger or fear and again, would no longer do daily videos if I did come back. This research to me is still important and not about entertainment, not about attention and not about money (of which I do not make doing this).

So I am here, I am OK and while there is stuff happening here I am happy to say I am feeling great as of 12:11 am when I am finishing writing this. Also, I will be writing that book I spoke of with everything I have learned and experienced in this field along with many  messages that I never published and some things that happened that I have never spoke of. I will start working on this next week.

Thank you all for your love and support. I feel so blessed to have amazing people who care about me, Debby and what I do. I will update here with any news as it happens, and after a break will let you guys know my decision on what I will do. I know many of you emailed me telling me to fight and not quit so as long as my health is good, and time heals my soul and this evil stays away…we will see.

Love you all.



PS – Just FYI, I am no expert here. No one on earth is. I learn EVERY DAY and what I said a year ago may be 100% different from what I say today. That is due to learning and being open to learning. It is how we grow. I will remain positive as I can be and will try to fight this fear and evil that has infested me and my home. I do not do hate, and while this world and ITC field has its share of HATE, Drama, lies and fighting, I will never be a part of that aspect of ITC. Only love from me, as always. Thank you again.