Pure Direct Spirit Communication has been achieved.

Pure Direct Spirit Communication has been achieved.

Here I am just 15 hours after my latest test and tweak to my Wonder Box Gold and my mind is still swirling with excitement. For years now I have had a distinct goal of creating the clearest, most direct spirit box device ever created on earth. I achieved that yesterday with my final tweak of my Wonder Box Gold. For the 1st time, the back and forth direct communication has stuck around longer than for one answer. Gone are most of the confusing statements, and the spirits are directly having a back and forth with me. My Wonder Box Gold is a box that I have now spent around $2000 on building. Yes, $2000 in parts and test parts. BUT, it has been worth it as the more I do this the more I learn WHAT spirits want to speak, what they NEED for more direct communication and what they can use for communication.

It’s part the box, part the source and part the operator. When all three of these things come together then we have a more pure more direct communication.

Yes, we can and do talk with those who have died, passed away, moved on. At least those who say they are dead.

So my excitement level is high right now, as when I get to a new breakthrough I truly feel a sense of accomplishment and the lord knows I have spent so many hours, so much money and so much of my passion over the last several years to THIS.

While not there fully yet, and while this box is not perfect it is as close as I have seen yet to a pure direct connection to the other side. I am predicting it will take a year to get it clearer as there is a funny thing that happens with this. If I take out this new mode, the voices are clearer but we also hear 50% or so radio breaking through. With this new mode, the clarity takes a hit but I am getting 100% spirit voices and much more direct-ness to the replies. I will take that over the extra clarity as it is already clear even in this new mode. BUT I am a perfectionist and will work at it until I have both the ultimate clarity and ultimate response. But for now, for me, this is BIG.

See the video below with a short sample. I was literally in my office tweaking something on the box, and testing and when it sounded right I recorded for a minute, NEVER expecting such a direct connection or replies. Blown away is what I was. I then recorded the intro, all excited as you will see below ; )

Excuse the goofy video thumbnail on this video but this is actually a grab from the video. See my excitement!?!? Lol. 

I hope you all have an amazing Forth of July and a great week. Much more to come as always!