Can we SEE spirits AND hear them? I say YES. Take a look.

Can we SEE spirits AND hear them? I say YES. Take a look.

Many of you have seen and heard my evidence videos with spirit communication over several years. Some of you have found me just last week or even today. While I have been working hard at improving communication in my sessions I realized yesterday that there are probably so many out there that have no idea that we can indeed SEE the spirits we are talking with, if they want to show you who they are.

Within ITC, there are many methods for taking photos of spirits using water, smoke, fire, mist, or anything really. Just like spirits manipulate audio to speak, they also can manipulate VISUALS. They can take a puff of smoke and for a split second, create their face or body in it when you ask them. I used to do a few spirit photos here and there, and have captured some pretty amazing things, including one live for a group in Tombstone at Sister Paranormal, in front of a dozen or so who were there. You can see my photos HERE.

But tonight I am going to attempt a Wonder Box Gold Session along with water ITC to see if they will show me who they are. They have mentioned in a couple of videos recently about taking their photo. So tonight I will see if they oblige and allow me to do this. I may get nothing as it has been a long time since I did water ITC, but if I do, you guys will be the 1st to see what happens.

For now, take a look at this short video that has some amazing audible messages from spirit AND photos that I have taken in the past.

More to come my friends, love to you all.