A Sunday Morning Casual Chat with the Dead. Direct, and Clear. Finally.

A Sunday Morning Casual Chat with the Dead. Direct, and Clear. Finally.

By Steve Huff

I’ll jump right to the session, it’s incredible. We have reached direct connections and communication. Quicker than I thought we would. 

Watch the video above, then if you like, some thoughts from me below about it and what we have now achieved. 

After my last session with whom I call “The Gold Man” I waited two days to turn my box back on. It sat in my office in the same space as before. I decided that when I do sessions at home, it will be in this spot. They seem to prefer my office as they have said so over the years around a dozen times when asked which room that they prefer I do sessions in. They have also mentioned the kitchen but I prefer the office, as it is more cozy and comfy and closed off to the rest of the house. I focus better here.

Anyway, I woke up Sunday morning and made my coffee. I walked into the office, looked at the box, and decided to record for only a few short minutes. If you wonder why I keep my sessions short, I go over that answer in my extensive Q&A video, where I answer the top 20 questions I get asked almost daily. See it here. 

So away I went, not expecting too much as I was not sure if the session two days before was some kind of fluke or what. That “Gold” session was the 1st time I tested the new Wonder Box Gold, with actual real 24K solid core gold wire. That was when the man who came through so direct and clear, speaking of the Gold, was connected in a way I never experienced before. It was as if he was just connecting direct, through the box, bypassing the app so no need to manipulate the audio. He was DIRECT and you can hear this in the clarity of his voice.

I mean, how incredible is that? I add GOLD at their request and when I do I make the most solid, clear, direct connection of my life with this “GOLD” man who spoke of the gold I added, and wanted more. 

So would the box connect again, at a high level? Would it go back to being filled with radio in between replies? THAT is what I wanted to know. Will this new box, with gold, be 100% consistent in doing sessions. While I feel the time, place and mental mindset plays a huge role, I was hoping that this new Wonder Box Gold would connect EVERY TIME. The truth? I was hoping to connect with the same spirit, but I will tell you now, he did not come through again. Not yet.

Instead, I turned it on and had a nice casual chat with a few spirits on this Sunday morning. Clear, direct, and no radio chatter, at all.

Again, this device. It can and does connect DIRECT with the dead, and at times, amazingly so.