Creepy Late Night Spirit Session, Last one with the Wonder Box Red.

Creepy Late Night Spirit Session, Last one with the Wonder Box Red.

I shipped out the last Wonder Box Red I made to its new owners a couple of days ago but before that box went out to the new owner I did one last session with it. It’s pretty cool and clear and some of the replies resulted in my jaw dropping (again). Take a look and listen, it’s a shorter video…


The spirits did indeed speak, and clearly.

It is funny as many ask me if I ever get scared doing sessions like this in my home, and my answer is always a NO. Any fear I had of this work went away the 1st three months of doing this many years ago.

What I have learned is that these spirits love to speak, and even when the negative ones threaten, I block them out and never give them in inch. I let them know they do not scare me and they usually go away. When I envision love, light energy and positivity the evil messages tend to fade.

Going thorough years of notes during sessions, I see it over and over. Heaven is real. Hell is real. Purgatory is real. Now, do not confuse that with ME saying they are real, it is the spirits, the messages they gave and the messages that have all been recorded and documented over several years now. So if we are to believe them, the ones speaking through these devices, then that is what we are told.

As for my beliefs, many of you know I am not religious, and am no fan of the church and man made religion. I am spiritual, I believe in a God, a creator. I believe in spirits, angels and yes, Demons (though they are not like what they are portrayed as on TV and movies). So when I read one of many “the Bible says this is a sin” comments on my videos, I also remind them that the Bible also says we can not work on Sunday, and if we do, we should be put to death..stoned to death actually.


But spirits are real and there are countless people out there today speaking to them with various devices that are out there in the world now made just for this kind of communication. The evidence can not be denied, and anyone who truly researches this field, and tries to deny spirits exist, or something intelligent exists that speaks to us… well, keep fooling yourself. Keep being in denial. I am using what I learn from this research to actually live a more fulfilling life. A life with more love, happiness and positivity.

I will continue doing so.

We are at the start of something huge for ITC. I feel this 100%. Over the next few years we will get to the point where this will be accepted by all as reality. I am happy to be one of those who helped push it to the forefront in a new way, as today more and more are researching this and it will be only a matter of time until one of those researchers discovers something that will truly bring this to a new level. I can not wait to see what is to come.

As for me, I will continue on with my research, more than I ever have. In fact, this year will be full of travel for me, as I travel with new devices and tools to go deeper than I ever have to communicate with the dead.

Thank you to ALL!!

Love & Light