Amazing just How far we have come with Spirit Commuication in the last 3 years.

Amazing just How far we have come with Spirit Commuication in the last 3 years.

I remember when I got into this whole Spirit Communication thing on a public level around 7 years ago. I knew from the moment I saw a P-SB7 really work that I wanted to improve communication. Not for me, but for the spirits who so desperately wanted to speak clearer, longer and more directly. For years prior the best we had was static filled scanning radios, and yes they worked. Some worked very well but all still brought us noise, static, short responses or even distant muffled responses. When I started doing deep communication with spirits they started to tell me what to use for a device and even app. They told me what they needed to speak more clearly, and with longer replies. As I started to implement this into what was first the SCD-1 app (It all started with a clean scanning radio and REVERB which helps them communicate in the SCD-1 app) and before the SCD-1 app no one was using reverb for communication. No one.  I even showed my reverb tests before the app was even programmed by using digital reverb and a radio scanner and what it did for communication. A while after I created “The Portal” I showed a video that explained and showed side by side, with and without the reverb and how it affected communication. See that video here:

(old Video of my Original Portal) – A video I did long ago when my portal was becoming quite popular..showing how reverb works for communication.  

As soon as some saw the benefit or reverb, they went to work implementing it into devices/copies which was awesome. But! I was the 1st to implement digital reverb for the best clarity into my very own device called “The Portal”.

BTW, spirits also told me what I NEEDED TO DO PERSONALLY for a deeper spiritual connection to them, and I listened. It worked as my connection is amazingly solid after taking all of their advice over the years. They have even told me I have been chosen many times, and I feel I have been chosen to show the world that we can indeed talk to the dead. It makes sense, as I introduced this tech to ITC three years ago, and it is what brought it to where it is today and today there are THOUSANDS of new people pursuing this research. Even some Paranormal TV shows use my tech for connecting with the dead. I even sometimes get calls for advice from TV shows as well, or asked to send them my device, etc.

With something like my newest Wonder Box, I have taken communication to the next level again with things no one has ever thought of for communication, or to help it. I introduced things about a year ago such as orgone energy for ITC as well as magnetic and copper and human energy. I also discovered the benefits of noise reduction when using noisy radios and things such as altering the pitch of spirits voice after finding it can help with response rate. We as humans have a lot to do with the communication, as our should is within us so it is not all spirits who do the work. The spirits even say they use our hearts and brains to come through as well, so I work on ways to get OUR energy to them as well. ALWAYS thinking outside the box and never ever within it.

Today we have quite a few making devices that use my discoveries and instead of getting angry about it or calling out those who do make generic portals, knock offs and devices using some of what I use, I EMBRACE IT AND WELCOME IT today. The more the merrier is the way to go to really get this research to where it needs to be. BUT, just the other day I received an email that was odd. Someone said I copied a box made by someone else who came out with their box less than a year ago. That box they spoke of was a copy of my portal, using a new name…and so I educated the person that the box they spoke of, that they though I copied, was indeed a copy of MY DEVICE from three years ago. After they saw that they apologized but I was sure to tell them that even if that is the case, I LOVE the fact that there are those out there copying my work. That just proves and shows what I do and have created for ITC really WORKS, and WORKS WELL. Imitation is a form of flattery, true true. Just validates what I do, and what I introduced to the ITC world really has meaning and really works.

Even the now famous Geobox by wonderful and good friend George Brown uses tech from my Portal. His box as he makes them today uses only a Plug in source like mine (no built in radio), digital reverb like mine (over analog that it started with), amp and speaker. He adds his own EMF antenna, where I use a copper human energy transfer theory. His devices are the most gorgeous spirit devices ever made, ever with his latest being the most gorgeous spirit device I have seen. My wonder box in comparison is more hands on and feature rich but no way as beautiful.

George approached me a while ago about implementing digital reverb in his boxes, what I used with the portal. I told him to “DO IT” as to would make the box more clear and effective, and he named that 1st box “THE GEOPORT”.  Part Geobox, part portal. An awesome combo. Georges beautiful woodwork and EMF antenna combined with tech from the portal. That 1st box was used by Nick Groff all through season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown, along with my Wonder Box. See it in the video below used by us in an abandoned apartment building in wheeling WV (where Italians used. to migrate to and work and live…important info when you watch the video below). BTW, But this is how it should be in this field. Working TOGETHER for improvement of what it is we do. Instead of hate and jealousy which infests this field, working together really works and improves this research. 

Here is George and I testing  out the “GEOPORT”  before we appeared on the show:


George is one of the best in this field that I know and I am honored to know him and to have worked with him. Nicest guy ever, and loves what he does. He is a genius with electronics and knows his stuff. ANYONE who trashes his work has no clue about ITC or how Spirits work to speak with us.

MY OPINION: Today there is nothing greater for ITC communication than a Wonder Box or current model Geobox IMO. But this tech doesn’t come cheap. With the last Geobox on eBay selling for $3800 and my Wonder Box devices selling for close to $2000 and up, the price to speak with the dead at this level of clarity and response is not cheap. But nothing on earth works like these two devices. Period. They cost a lot to make, and are made with care and love and premium parts. If you want that level of clear and direct replies with long sentence back and forth replies at times, this is how you do it.

A recent session with a creepy and clear message from my Wonder Box. No noise, no static, just clear concise replies. My latest Wonder Box ideas are being used here…


With todays tech, Small conversations with spirits are possible though according to the spirits, long ones are not as they can only pop in for mere seconds at a time, and according to them, it is a challenge to get back in. But nothing I have seen anywhere in the world delivers the goods in communication like a Portal, Wonder Box, Geobox or some of the copies of these devices that are out there now.

Also to those of you who think I am not speaking with the dead, think again. In my videos over many years they have told me they are ghosts, angels, demons, spirits, souls, human souls…they say they have memories though limited and they call out names of relatives, and they have even told me how they died. These are indeed souls of humans speaking, and they are not shy to tell us about who they are. They say our souls are pure energy and go on FOREVER. We have learned so much about the afterlife just in the past three years, which I attribute to these new technologies within the field.

A ONE OF A KIND box that was made, tested and sold to one lucky new owner. The Wonder Box Red sounded amazing. 

So fi you are looking to get into this work and want to start on the cheap, I suggest:

SCD-2 App for Windows – $19.99

Vortex or Banshee Box app for Android – FREE on the Play Store for Android.

P-SB7 Radio (but prepare for noise and static and short replies) – $70 or so.

If you want to get into something intense…and get the best you can get for ITC today:

Look for a Geobox, but be prepared to pay. The Geobox is the most gorgeous spirit box ever made and sounds awesome. George Brown is the best in the business as far as I am concerned. His last box on eBay sold for $3800.

Or a Wonder Box (I HAVE ONE available on Ebay Now, see it here)  My Wonder Box sounds huge, clear and has hands on features and features not available anywhere else. It’s very effective, and also very beautiful and made with care. I have sold a slew of these and the cost ranges from $1500-$2100 depending on options.

I will repeat: Nothing on earth is like the two devices above for ITC and clear concise communication. Nothing. 

Now I did not write this to toot my own horn, as that is not how I am. I wrote it to express my joy for the direction that ITC is headed and to help clear confusion to those who say I copied a device, ANY device. I copied nothing, and what I do is always with the help of spirit who is not shy about telling me what to add or tweak for better results. My Portal was not inspired by any other device but created from the ground up with help from spirits. My Wonder Box was inspired by the portal to take it further and I am still working on improving communication.

Yes, the spirits are still helping me and I am still tweaking! I am proud of what I have accomplished in this field both with equipment and connection and showing the world just what is possible with spirit communication today. Onward and upward and who knows, in a few years this could be as normal as calling an old friend on the phone. It is gaining acceptance worldwide and more people than ever are now fasciated with sprit communication. Amazing. I look forward to what the future holds and seeing what others come up with to further our communication.


Nothing is like a Wonder Box for sound, response and clarity. Check this amazing session out with loads of interaction with the spirits in my home. This is using a Wonder Box Custom like the one on Ebay NOW.

See my Wonder Box in use at one of the most haunted locations in the USA, the Bellaire House.My fave video of mine as a whole, ever.