Two Cemetery Visits with the SCD-2 (Spirit Communications Device #2) App. Wow.

Two Cemetery Visits with the SCD-2 (Spirit Communications Device #2) App. Wow.

So today I get this email from someone who purchased the new SCD-2 app recently:


“Hi Steve, just wanted to say thanks for your work. I dont know how a
skeptic could still exist out there? My girlfriend and I are very new
to ITC, having only used various apps and a Bluetooth speaker at a
local cemetery and occasionally at home in our tiny apartment with
some results.

We recently aquired the SCD1 app and were blown away, so
we got the SCD2. It completely has changed my outlook on life, and
death. It is absolutely like talking on the phone with spirits, such
direct replies. I had my first physical contact with spirits after
running the app, what an experience!
Also caught video of a sort of rod shaped light anomaly flying out of
my laptop. Amazing! Cant imagine what it will be like with a wonder
box, I plan to build a portal of sorts as you have shown how. So
anyways, as popular as your getting, not sure if you get time to read
these messages anymore, but … Thanks, and keep on keepin on Brother.
You have got friends in Lawrence, Kansas”

The cool thing is I have received quite a few e-mails like this from those trying out the new SCD-2 which tells me many more are using correct techniques these days for communication. Awesome. Love that.

If you watch my last 5 videos or so you can see it in action, and boy is it working amazingly well for me. Its unreal that the specs and implementation I came up with (with help of the spirits as always) worked so well. It blows my mind that Anthony Sanchez of was able to make it EXACTLY as I had wanted and described. To me, this is the best app he sells, and the best of the apps I helped create with him.

I have seen nothing quite like the SCD-2 though quite a few apps out there work very well these days. Apps like Spiritus (iOS or android), Matrix and Vortex (Android) are among my faves along with the SCD-2. 

I decided to test it at the cemetery with just my tablet and the SCD-2 app.

To answer some recent questions I have received…I use a Microsoft Surface 3, the lowest end one I could buy at the time. The SCD-2 is for Windows only, and does indeed need a WiFi connection. I used my hot spot from my phone at the cemetery though it uses my phone data. With that out of the way, check out the visit to two cemeteries over two days…some very interesting connections..

Sorry for the music being loud in parts, that was an accident. I thought I removed the track after the intro but I forgot, and it annoys me but either way there are some great validations here in this video. In my experience I have found that spirits do not usually hang at cemeteries. Why would they? They prefer to be around people and LIFE. So cemeteries are usually not the best place for communication. Even so, we got some here!

Video below:

So there ya go! As always thank YOU ALL for watching what I do and subscribing to my YouTube channel (you can do so here). My work is finally getting some widespread attention and serious looks from around the world and to me that is amazing as it has been my goal since day one (13,000 new subscribers in the last 28 days alone, all from mentions on TV, Radio, and large YouTube channels not associated with the Paranormal) and it has already brought tears to my eyes as I feel and sense the love being shown for what I do. Just amazing, and unreal to me so thank you.

The world needs to see what is happening here with spirit communication as it is 100% real, and it just can not be debunked anymore. So we need to study it further with some of the best experts in the world to see if we can go farther or find the answers we have all wanted since the creation of the universe. We now have some of those answers, which more and more are now seeing.

So AGAIN!! Thank you all!