The best, clearest session in my home yet

The best, clearest session in my home yet

More than two years after I created the original Portal device for ITC, here I am again tweaking my Wonder Box device that came about as an improvement to the original Portal. The original Portal was simple yet effective. It had an amp along with a noise reduction (for radios) and reverb (for longer spirit replies). My latest box, The Wonder Box Red now features noise reduction, voice control V4, reverse direct line mode, a pitch shift delay and a new reverb for more crispness to the sound. It also uses magnetic energy to help with spirits energy and keeps the human energy transfer antenna, LED Lights, Audio Analyzer and more. There is also a slightly new look which I like. In my 1st tests I am finding that the communication is great, if not a little better in the way direct replies come in. The sound is different, and clearer yet again. See the video below, and there is a bonus session at the end as well that is must see.

This video has the clearest communication I have ever achieved. I can not wait to use this out in the field, and will be doing so at Preston Castle this weekend. 

As I had envisioned and hoped for years, communication is getting better. The question myself and many have now is…where do we go from here?

Every time we make progress in this field, I get a little worried as it seems more and more that the most of the spirits who come through these devices  we use are lost souls or spirits stuck in a purgatory and even possibly what they call hell. I have now had three validations in the last year where they tell me they are in HELL. So why would I want to connect to those in a place like that? I feel it is partly because I am an empath and I have a genuine love and care for these lost souls, it is very hard to explain but I also feel like I was led down this path, and I must finish what I started. They sound so desperate, so in need of help and they are not in a place they expected to be in. Is this where we all go when we die? I sure hope not but one thing is for sure, we have more mysteries today than ever. While I have had some questions answered over the years of doing this afterlife research, I have just as many questions about it than I ever have had.

I also have to remember there have been times where sessions brought messages of love, angels, Heaven and God and there are times when the messages are pleas for help, messages of evil and even announcing when a demon is near. When demons are around, they are not shy to announce it. In my experience, there is no “demon trickery” which I believe is a Christian man made religion myth. What I am finding is that when evil is around, they tell me. When demons are around, they tell me. I have been threatened, been attacked, and warned to NOT help these souls. I have also been praised with messages AND feelings of love, hope and amazingly beautiful things. I have established relationships with my guides who do sometimes speak through my device and yes, they do help. They have even helped me to create the original portal.

For me, I have already confirmed to my inner self that WE NEVER DIE. Our soul lives forever and ever and there are things after this life on earth that are beyond our comprehension. I am not afraid to die, and while I do not want to die until I am old as dirt, I do not fear it as I know we continue on in our soul form.

Many seem to get confused about how spirits speak, about how they can talk without a physical body or brain…but remember our soul, our energy is much more advanced than our human body which is more mechanical, like a machine. They use electronics, and telepathy of some kind. We do not know the details of how they manipulate audio to speak, but they indeed do just that. It’s amazing.

With all of these questions and doubts I will still be forging ahead with research until it either kills me, or I reach my holy grail goal, to have a one on one conversation for more than 3 minutes with the same voice, same spirit and having back and forth intelligent answers. I am obsessed with life after death, and always have been to some extent throughout my entire life. From childhood to adult, it’s a passion in me to find answers, even though I am well aware we may never find those answers.


This new Wonder Box Red cost me $1,555 in parts ALONE to make (No Joke, that is 100% True). It was designed to enhance apps like the SCD-2, Spiritus and others as well as radio spirit box devices.  They work, and work well for anyone with a connection who uses them correctly.

I spared no expense making this box.

So stay tuned for more from me as I head to Preston Castle this weekend to meet up once again with the Chillseekers. Debby will be coming along with me this time, and it will be a GREAT time. Can’t wait. Thanks to all who continue to follow me, share my work, and support what I do.

Here is a quick Q&A:

Every week someone asks me how I was able to get so far in this field in regards to YouTube subs, Facebook likes, the spirits knowing me and getting on TV with my Wonder Box.  My answer is simple:

MY PASSION for this work. MY DEDICATION to this work. NEVER EVER LETTING ANYONE stop me from this research, NOT WORRYING what anyone has ever thought of me, or this type of research, and NEVER EVER listening to hate, trash talk and nonsense that has nothing to do with this field. BEING REAL, BEING MYSELF and BEING HONEST has gone a long way to helping get my work out and being seen.  When you are not being real or being honest or being yourself, people see through that so always be YOU. NOT PARTAKING IN PARA DRAMA because it is never ever worth it and it is childish, so I stay away from it. CREATING QUALITY CONTENT! This is huge as well as people want to see quality and real communication that is clear so I put a lot of effort into that as well. TAKING PRIDE IN MY WORK, and never ever being ashamed to say I speak to the dead, to anyone.  I also am committed to finding better ways to connect, and there is not a day that goes by where I do not wish I was doing this full time. When the time is right, I will be doing just that. PASSION my friends. When you have passion for something and envision what you want from it you can get it with drive, commitment and being different from everyone else who has come before you. This applies to anything in life.

I try my best to always stay positive as well!