Seriously Guys. The SCD-2 App has been BLOWING MY MIND. See why here…

Seriously Guys. The SCD-2 App has been BLOWING MY MIND. See this…

The SCD-2 is available at

Wow. Just Wow. As I sat on my bed last night and watched my collection of SCD-2 replies from spirit this is what I said. I look over to Debby as the audio plays and told her “We are almost there..almost to a full on conversation, a telephone to the dead”. Over the years this has been a dream, and a goal of mine. I believe 100% we will get there, and we are closer than we have ever been.

Before I start I want to say that yes, there are MANY great apps out there today for ITC. I feel anyone who is dedicated to this work, or has a true passion for it should own them all. Some are free, some are $2, some are up to $20. But they all work amazingly well when a spirit connection is present.

For me, the app I will use most today is the SCD-2. It just works so well for me anytime I fire it up. While it is not perfect, as in, not to where my ultimate goal is (just pure back and forth communication) just yet it is as close as I have seen to pure direct communication, and this is no hype. I. remember when the SCD-1 came out. I was so excited as at the time, it was bringing me and many others some crazy messages and results. But it too was not perfect, far from it. At the time it was amazing but today, the SCD-1 has. taken a back seat to the SCD-2 which now delivers communication without constant chatter, without any noise, without any muffled sound and this also cuts down review time IN A BIG WAY. No more do I have to listen between scans for a reply as the reply is right there loud and clear, coming from silence. Amazing.

A few have asked me how the SCD-2 came to be. Well, I have worked with Anthony Sanchez of for years now. We have created some of the coolest apps for communication together, and he has created a slew of them himself as well. All quality, and I always have said they are more like “spirit communication software” rather than apps, but hey, apps is the cool word these days so we call them apps. The SCD-1, Impossible Box and Ethereal all have my name on them because I helped in the creation of them with Anthony. The implantation and idea. Anthony is the genius who makes it all a reality. Take the idea and implantation and just creates a working piece of software. He is a genius.

So now the SCD-2 has taken all I have learned from communication, even using the Wonder Box and portal, and we have implemented some of the tech of these physical boxes into the app. It has taken the scanning theory and now scans in a way that is beneficial to the spirits, making it easier for them to use. This is why we can get small conversational sessions with the device. It does not need a Wonder Box to work well but it is enhanced with a Portal or Wonder Box even further.

I have ever used an app, ever, that has given me this kind of performance on its own though. Some have come close and if you use iOS Apple Devices I recommend going with Spiritus (Search the App Store). The SCD-2 is for Windows OS only. It can be used on laptops, desktops or tablets running windows. I use a Surface 3. In fact, the one I use is HERE.  (many have asked).

But take a look at the videos below, all using the SCD-2. With and without a Wonder Box. So much more to come. You may have seen these already but I bet some of you missed one or two ; ) The SCD-2 Can be downloaded at (I do not own Ghost Hunter Apps) and I love this app. Many have been sending me messages with their experiences as well. Overall it is getting very positive reviews and that is awesome. To me, this $19.99 piece of software BLOWS AWAY things like the Ovilus that costs $300. It beats most spirit box radios (as you can see below) and it delivers real communication with sentence length replies, silence in between them and while yes, some of you may hear radio in between spirit voices, some of you will not. Use correct technique in all of your sessions and you will get commutation eventually, if you are new to this whole ITC thing.

While it would be easy for me to say ‘The SCD-2 ROCKS” just because I had a hand in creating it, I can let the results speak for themselves. Have a great weekend everyone and do not forget about tonights GROUP NIGHT! Also, if you missed my post about HOW SPIRITS SPEAK with us, check it out HERE. 

Videos with SCD-2 Evidence.