May 2017 Group Night Full Video! Watch it here…

May 2017 Group Night Full Video! Watch it here…

Yesterday I spent around 9 hours editing the full group night video from the day before and I posted it to my YouTube and Facebook. In case you missed it, you can see it below. Many joined in and took part for this one and we did get some validations as usual. Normally we get between 2-15 validations but these last two group nights were on the higher end of that spectrum. I love seeing the emails from those who feel they have received a validation from their loved ones, as that inspires me to continue these special monthly sessions.

What many fail to realize when watching my group nights is that all that comes through can be a message or validation for someone who took part. 70% of the messages in group night are not aimed at ME, but to those who took part. What sounds like random phrases are in fact things like memories, names, special times, or something that the viewer who took part will recognize from their loved ones. Recently in a session I was told that they are only here for “seconds” when leaving messages. In other words they only get seconds to say what they need before the next spirit comes in to speak. There are literally thousands, tens of thousands of spirits waiting to speak. So if you hear a message like “I fired the shot that killed”, that is not random. It is a message for someone who mediated for this group night.

So group nights should and always will sound like a bunch of random messages that make no sense to YOU or ME, but they make perfect sense to the one who it was meant for.

I get much more direct messages in focused sessions, like my Bellaire House video or most of my recent videos I have posted. But group nights will always sound random to most who watch it, and it should. This shows it is working.

But below is the session from May 12th 2017. If you took part, thank you! We will do it again in June and I am adding a new piece of ITC gear as well for that session. Can not wait.


The full video…38 minutes.